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Friday, February 13, 2015

Governer of Oregon Resigns.....Thanks you Idiots in Oregon!

I couldn't let this day pass without signing on for one comment. The Governor of Oregon..KITZSLOBBER, as we who bother to research before we vote call him,  has resigned.

 And for all you numbskulls who voted for this fraud the THIRD TIME....GO STRAIGHT TO HELL. THIS is what YOU have created by voting when you have NO idea what you are doing! This man is who put Oregon in the mess it's in because he cares more about chasing some criminal tail and pandering to illegal aliens! Oregon ranks dead last in education and other problems...DUH!!!!!

 What is WRONG with electing someone who has some integrity???
And his replacement..more of the same IF NOT worse! She is a liberal/Kitzhaber whore too! I'm sick of you all destroying this state! STOP VOTING when you know nothing but what the Mail Tribune, the Oregonian and the worthless KTVL, KMED, KOBI 'news' departments spew! ITS NOT NEWS, it's propaganda, you boneheads!

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