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Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Jefferson is not just a state of mind, our futures depend on its reality

Jefferson is not just a state of mind, our futures depend on its reality

Mark Baird, State of Jefferson 

There are many misconceptions regarding a State of Jefferson.  The State of Jefferson has nothing to do with secession.  The idea of forming a new state from the land within another state, not only has legal standing under Article 4 Section 3 of the U.S. Constitution.   There is historical precedence.  Four times in the history of our country new states have been formed from other states.  No one is suggesting nor do we support secession.  It would not work.

Those who suggest that the formation of a new state would not improve the declining economy of Rural Counties in California are sadly mistaken.

Our goal with our new state, Jefferson, is to “Start Over”.  We could return to basic, common sense, government.  We could have a favorable corporate tax rate.  We could have a favorable business climate.  California has been ranked the worst state in which to do business.  Businesses now flocking to other states with reckless abandon, would have a much closer alternative.  Primarily Urban representatives with little regard for rural California pass taxes which their constituents do not pay, and allow agencies to increase fees, their constituents are not subject to.  All of this could change in our new State of Jefferson. Do the rural counties of California really need over 5700 state agencies?  I think we could dispense with several thousand of them in our new state and no one would notice a decline in service.  State agencies consistently fail to defend themselves in the process known as “sue and settle” with environmental NGOs.  Our new state could make “sue and settle” a crime by government code.  Malfeasance should be a crime, but California views this practice as a way to gain fees and the power of the permit.  This power is used to regulate every aspect of our lives.  We could institute state codes which stipulate that environmental law suits must prove specific harm.  These suits were used in “sue and settle” actions which have stopped mining, logging and are now aimed at farming.

Does rural California need a bullet train at the cost of 80 Billion dollars?  Does rural California really need to be on the hook for our share of another 50-80 Billion to dig two tunnels under the delta in order to help southern California water exporters take north state water even faster than they do now?

A State of Jefferson would flourish economically under common sense basic government aimed to protect the rights of the people and allow responsible development of our abundant natural resources.

Small business would flourish without the morass of regulation, permits and fees which we now must navigate.

This is not a partisan issue.  The State of Jefferson must include both conservative and liberal viewpoints.  Exclusion will not work just as secession will not work.  We must learn to work together, to the highest degree this is possible, to make our way forward.  We must work together to make a place where our children can get jobs and have decent lives.  I, for one, am tired of our absolute lack of representation in Sacramento.  I,  am tired of watching all of the young people leave the north state because there is no future for them here.  I would be willing to live with a few pot holes in order to live in a free state, secure in the knowledge that a state which respects the rights of the people flew its double cross flag over our new Capital.  Join us,  petition your Board of Supervisors.

Lets “Start Over”.  Lets go back to basics in our own State of Jefferson.

Mark Baird,

Jefferson Declaration Committee



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