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Sunday, April 14, 2013

Pictures worth a thousand words & Norquist goes after Heritage over Amnesty!


Grover Norquist Goes After Heritage Foundation Over Illegal Alien Amnesty

Grover Norquist, champion of Islamism infiltration, is working to advance the cause of tax reform by backing an illegal alien amnesty that will impose a whopping economic burden on the country… leading to higher taxes.
The contradiction is obvious. If you’re going to legalize 12 million undocumented Democrats plus all their family members then you are tremendously boosting the welfare state on the receiving end and the voting end.
The only way that the pro-amnesty side can win the amnesty debate is by not having it. And that means going after any sources of facts and taking them down.
The first target were anti-illegals groups like CIS and FAIR which were smeared as eugenicists. But the next set of targets is even bigger.
Norquist says that he’s trying to counteract the effect of “a handful of radio talk-show hosts who talk loudly.”
“The bitter-enders who are still responding to radio talk-show hosts from eight years ago haven’t noticed that the world has shifted from underneath them,” he says.
For bitter-ender, read conservative. The world has shifted is a favorite progressive argument. So it’s not too much of a shock that Norquist is using it.[snip]


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