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Saturday, April 13, 2013

History repeats itself, and this time, we are the NATIVES! Who is Cesar Conda? few years ago, I wrote a book, "Jesus Wept" an American Story.  
  The story, in part, was about Cherokee Chief John Ross, a 1/8th  Cherokee blood, white,  blue eyed greedy tyrant.   The more time goes on, the more he reminds me of Barak Obama.   

He was put in power by Major Ridge and some other realistic Cherokees, who thought the tribe, which functioned under a constitutional government,  would fare better in Washington DC if represented by Ross who would be identified more with the white leaders.   And for a time, that seemed to work. Until Ross got the taste of power and wealth and refused to give it up.  Ross was a master at race baiting and class warfare. 

When it was apparent he would be opposed by Ridge's son John,  Ross declared a national emergency over the impending Indian Removal Act, did away with the coming elections and had his political rivals assassinated, including Major Ridge, his son John, the eloquent Elias Boudinot along with some of my ancestors.  For 40 years he ruled the tribe, sometimes in exile in Washington DC, but always comfortably with the tribes treasury.   He bribed enough of the uneducated and class envious Indians to do his bidding and keep him protected. 

Sound familiar??? It should.   

My father used to tell us that the Cherokee tribe didn't need the US Government to destroy it , though they certainly did their part! They were willing and capable of doing that themselves.  In the great production on PBS, "We Shall Remain, Episode 3 'The Trail of Tears', Cherokee actor Wes Study repeated the same conclusion as my father made 50 years ago. 

When the Cherokee were finally forced to march in winter without shelter or provisions to a foreign home, thousands died.  John Ross refused to give up his power and concede there was no way to fight the federal government over removal, insisting the Cherokee stay until they were pushed out at musket point, with no way to survive the impossible journey.  If he had left  months earlier when there were better provisions and weather, as my ancestors chose to do, thousands of lives would have been saved.  He also insisted, since he operated the only store of supplies, that the trips supplies be purchased from him.   Yet, the tribe still believed his lies and followed his lead.  The wagon train of my ancestors, led by John Adair "Jack" Bell,  of 700 people only lost 21 on the trail.   This only further angered Ross, whose own wife died on their journey.

Today, the Democrat party and it's leader, Barak Obama, seem intent on destroying everything we 'natives' have become accustomed to in our way of life... free markets, marriage, family, the 2nd amendment and the right to self preservation. They refuse to enforce many of our laws, promote destruction of our many cultures, refuse to protect our borders and national sovereignty and give us no government representation.

We look to our GOP leaders, just as the Cherokee looked to Ross, and what do we find?  Feckless crybabies like John Boehner and the squishy moderate Mitch McConnell, who prop up the democrats more often than not. 

Then rides in the great 'Tea Party' Hispanic savior, Marco Rubio to 'save us'.  Because he 'looks' more like the opposition.   He 'speaks' the language of the NEW constituency!   He's the GOP's latest token 'trojan horse'.

Who is really behind Marco Rubio, and what do they want?  The Tea Party citizens thought it was them!!!  He talked the talk, and fooled us all.     No, he hasn't been taken over by Obama and the left,  as far as we know. He is part of the enemy within the right.  And for the past 30 years, it is always the same players.  They are lobbyists who our legislators hire to write our legislation because most of our elected officials let them in exchange for campaign dollars.   It is ALWAYS follow the money.

 Even John Ross willingly sacrificed his own people to keep his power and to hold out for more federal dollars for Cherokee lands.  The Cherokee Tribe was destroyed because they were incapable of realizing who their real enemies were.  It appears we are no more enlightened than the 'savages'.  We have no excuse for our ignorance, other than BLIND loyalty to sacred cows who should have been hamburger by now!

Meet Cesar Conda, chief of staff, Sen. Marco Rubio, R-Fla
.,  close associate and fellow amnesty pusher of Grover Norquist,  who last week called all of us who want our borders secured, "Bitter enders",   He might as well have called us 'Savages'.

Here is detailed some of the undermining of immigration law these two have accomplished over 3 decades, including working closely with Stephen Moore of the Cato Institute, Conda  circulated a statement against Prop. 187 of California in the nineties.   The race baiting they pulled on Alan Simpson when he tried to enforce the borders in the 90's was nothing but disgusting.

Conda, an immigration lawyer,  was Vice President Dick Cheney’s chief domestic policy adviser. After leaving there, Conda went to work on the editorial advisory board of the Soros connected publication,   The International Economy Magazine.

Even amnesty pushers on the left like Conda!
[snip] I think Cesar is the right man for the job,” said Frank Sharry, founder and executive director of the pro-immigration reform group America’s Voice. “Rubio is really lucky to have Cesar Conda as his chief of staff.” Conda...has been working on the issue since the early 1990s when he was part of a group of young, libertarian-minded, pro-immigration conservatives. His government experience runs deep: He worked for former Sen. Spencer Abraham, R-Mich., and was an aide to Vice President Dick Cheney. He also spent time in the private sector as a lobbyist and analyst for the U.S. Chamber of Commerce and founded the Washington office of a consulting firm called Navigators Global.
Conda was also involved with The National Foundation for American Policy, a Newt Gingrich group.  Don't be fooled, Newt is all about amnesty and has always been!
" Started in 2003, the National Foundation for American Policy (NFAP) is a non-profit, non-partisan organization dedicated to public policy research on trade, immigration, and other issues of national importance. Its Advisory Board members include ....Cesar Conda.... and other prominent individuals."

This statement sums up the Rubio/Conda relationship:
  "The White House’s lawyer-friendly draft shows that it “has outsourced the formation of immigration policy to the American Immigration Lawyers Association,” said Camarota.   Some of the eight senators also employ staffers who are trained immigration lawyers or who have lobbied for the immigration association before. In 2003, for example, Cesar Conda, Rubio’s chief of staff, lobbied the White House on behalf of the lawyers’ association....Given Sen. Rubio’s role in a smear campaign [using SPLC talking points] against pro-enforcement groups,” said Steve Camarota, the research director at the Center for Immigration Studies, “it does raise the question of how serious he is about enforcement.”"

Conda  worked as an advocate for the immigration lawyers’ association.
"As a founding partner of a lobbying firm, Navigators Global, he attended a 2003 meeting in the White House to promote a policy favored by the lawyers’ group, which stands to gain enormously from any law that expands or complicates immigration law.

In the late 1990s, Conda also worked as the legislative director for one-term GOP Sen. Spencer Abraham. In 2000, Abraham lost his Michigan Senate seat after NumbersUSA highlighted Abraham’s role in defeating a bipartisan immigration reform bill that would have curbed legal and illegal immigration.

During that 1996 immigration debate, Abraham opposed an employee-identification plan in the bill that would have required and helped employers reject applicants who were not allowed to legally work in the United States."

Conda had a part in the expensive bank bail outs. 
 "At this lobbying outfit, Cesar Conda is one of the lobbyists on the Citigroup account.
Previously, DC Navigators was one of AIG's go-to firms—until the insurance company halted its lobbying efforts last fall under congressional pressure. AIG, which has received $182 billion from the government, including $40 billion in TARP funds, spent more than $9 million on lobbying in 2008"

Conda was a lobbyist for private prisons who love open borders and government $$$ to incarcerate illegal aliens.
"They also now have a paid lobbyist working in the office of a Republican Senator at the forefront of the immigration debate, in a state with major immigration issues.
Take for example the chief of staff to young Republican superstar Marco Rubio, Cesar Conda.  Conda still maintains ties to a powerful lobbying firm in Florida that has lobbied for the GEO Group.  In fact, he still maintains partial ownership, and was paid between $50,000-$100,000 by the firm after he became Rubio’s chief of staff..  So he’s still being paid by companies like the GEO Group while working as the number-one guy to a US Senator.
So the GEO Group has revenues of nearly $2 billion per year, much of which comes from the federal government as payment for detaining immigrants.  It has spent more than $5 million in lobbying and political contributions in the past 8 years"

Remember when we warned the Tea Party about getting involved with Dick Armey's Freedom works because he has always been pro amnesty??.....
– Cesar Conda is a senior fellow at Freedom Works  and an editorial advisory board member of International Economy Magazine. He is a volunteer policy advisor to the Mitt Romney presidential campaign.

Conda actually states here that the Gang of 8 plan isn't AMNESTY!!  You need no more than that to know you are being CONNED BIG TIME!

Think of it!  illegal aliens vote democrat.  Fact.  They believe it is Obama working for them.  All these GOP open border amnesty purveyors like Conda get no credit for the decades of work they've done on the behalf of foreign nationals.  Instead,  Obama gets all their glory.  Ignorance never changes. And History repeats itself.

Rose Cottage, Plantation of Chief John Ross, Circa 1860, near Tahlequah, Indian Territory
  (Yes, those are African Slaves, owned by Ross)

[snip]After the assassinations in 1839, Ross's opposition refused to recognize Ross as their leader.  The still smoldering wounds and resulting alliances are outlined by an excerpt from a letter written by Stand Watie and John Adair Bell  (my grgruncle) published in the Arkansas Gazette.   It explains why after the murders of the Ridges and Boudinot they refused to address Ross as 'Chief'.  Eight Treaty Party members apologized for signing the treaty in return for amnesty from the Chief.  The assassins were also pardoned by Ross.
     "If Mr. Ross expects us to purchase our lives by swearing to the infamous oath which he put in our mouths, he very much mistakes the blood which runs in our veins.  Sooner let us fall by the hand of the midnight assassin, than have our names loaded with infamy, and handed down to posterity as traitors, who had saved their country from total destruction, by making the best treaty ever made for any Indians! – The historian will do justice to the memories of the fallen.  We will never cause their blood to ride in judgment against us, by casting obloquy on their characters.  Eight of our friends have abandoned us.   Be the matter with them and their God.  We are conscious that we have gained many where we have lost one.  The threatened denunciation still hangs over us.  Well, if the impending vengeance must fall, let it come upon us with clear consciences."

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