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Sunday, January 15, 2012

End game: Learn your Spanish...We are MEXICO NORTE'

Chicano Park gets makeover ($1.6 million federal government grant for "La Raza" murals)
FOX 5 San Diego ^ | January 13, 2012 |Photobucket

Thanks to a $1.6 million grant from the federal government, 18 of the murals are being restored.

The artists working on the restoration said each painting has significant symbolism.

“It’s that significant to me because it’s art for our people,”Charcon said. “It’s art of our people and for our people and [we’re] sharing it with different communities.”

"Dollars stolen from American workers used to make America look like Mexico. That makes a lot of sense. Geeesh!" by FlingWingFlyer


Mexico home to five of world's deadliest cities
The council — an NGO founded in 2002 — compiled the list of the globe’s 50 most violent cities by comparing every city with more than 300,000 residents for which homicide statistics were available on the internet.

Mexico’s Ciudad Juarez, which led the list for three consecutive years, dropped to second in 2011 with a tally of 148 homicides for every 100,000 residents.

The other Mexican cities finishing in the top 10 for 2011 were Acapulco with 128 murders per 100,000 people, Torreon with 88, Chihuahua with 83, and Durango with 80 homicides.

Forty of the 50 most dangerous cities are in Latin America, including 14 in Brazil.

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