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Sunday, August 22, 2010

John McCain - the WORST Senator money can buy!

John McCain???
Arizona, you can't be serious about reelecting this lying political hack???
WHO are you people?? Don't you remember he barely survived an Arizona recall effort?

Conservatives don't back him...Independents have finally wised up....when will you?
Liberal rags like the Washington Post and NY Times endorse McCain...why do suppose that is?

John McCain was NEVER an Arizonan...his wife's rich daddy bought him a congressional seat in Arizona and moved him there! He's just another carpetbagger.

Some ask how McCain can be doing as well as he is in this it the 20 plus million dollars he's spent on distorted ads to defeat a legitimate opponent....he certainly didn't do that to beat Obama and the democrats!!!

J. D. Hayworth beats him hands down on the record on immigration, sovereignty, every conservative issue. J.D. also beat him in the debates....too bad you didn't listen!

J.D. Has a near perfect record for conservatism and actually showing up to do his job! And McCain....the MOST ABSENT member of the SENATE!....but then he can't be bothered with such nonsense when he's spent the last 2 decades on the campaign trial!

Money is a big part of it. Big donations by mobsters in Vegas, the La Raza crowd and private prisons who house illegal aliens ( Private prison builder GEO’s PAC gave only $5,000 each to the campaigns of Hillary Clinton, John McCain, Rudy Giuliani and Mike Huckabee.

$500 to McCain several times was given by John Hurley, ceo GEO, who contributes BIG to
the open border loving RNC and Charlie Christ.

NOTE: Remember just a few days ago the prisoners who escaped one of McCain’s donor's private prisons in AZ??? This is a big scam to house illegal aliens and they are notorious for problems within them.

Lying is McCain’s hole card, always has been. By the time this election started, McCain had reinvented himself and his campaign website...’I’ve never been for amnesty, blah,blah, blah....’. He went so far in Tuscon recently to declare“President Reagan granted amnesty to two million people and that was wrong,”

Here’s another thing...he has purchased relevant keywords on the net, so no matter what you’re looking for you get his campaign websites.

The Search For A Candidate (from the pres primary, 2008)

[snip]McCain’s people say that every dollar they spend on online search advertising brings in three or four bucks.

The national polls don’t reflect it, but in one sense John McCain is the clear front runner in the presidential race: he leads in search-engine ads. When you type McCain’s name into Google, alongside or above the standard search results you’ll always get a text ad—a “sponsored link”—that leads you to a Web site soliciting campaign contributions for the Arizona senator. What happens when you type “Giuliani” into Google? You get a paid link to the former New York mayor’s site. But you also get a McCain ad.

The other obvious search words involve search terms people use when researching specific issues. Here again, McCain is busy; his people say that at various times they’ve bought 10,000 different words. Giuliani pops up with “flat tax” and “illegal immigrant.” But when I tried “universal health care,” nothing from any candidate came up. Vary it a little by typing “health care reform” and you get a paid link to … John McCain

Indeed, Sen. McCain has been on the stump in Arizona of late, telling everyone how he supports Arizona's SB 1070, how he wants to 'secure the border' and is against 'amnesty'.When you go to McCain's website, he'll tell you he NEVER supported AMNESTY.
Another lie! Just a few days ago, the bipartisan Immigration Reform Caucus, 76 members of the House of Representatives and five U.S. Senators have waded into the lawsuit by the Obama administration in U.S. vs. Arizona in support of Arizona.

Along with 81 congressmen, Rep. Duncan Hunter & Tom McClintock, R-California, signs Amicus Brief supporting Arizona Immigration Law, which includes 5 US Senators... Wicker, DeMint, Vitter, Inhofe, Barrasso, but NO John McCain!

McCain: "Those who live closest are the ones who can get here. Everyone in the world should have the opportunity through an orderly process to come to this country" Source:AZ Senate Debate, in Tucson Citizen Oct 16, 2004

*“America is still the land of opportunity,” Senator John McCain recently said. “And we’re not going to erect barriers and fences.” June 26, 2007 National Review

*SEN. JOHN MCCAIN, R-ARIZ.: I do not favor using troops because they are not trained for it. They don’t have the kind of qualifications necessary. I have strongly favored us using all the technical equipment that our military has including satellites, including aircraft and other technical means. May, 2001

Come on Arizona!! Don't let McCain fool you again, like he did in his so called
'presidential race'!

* May 29, 2003 interview: McCain: “Amnesty has to be an important part because there are people who have lived in this country for 20, 30 or 40 years, who have raised children here and pay taxes here and are not citizens.“

* Dec. 15, 2000 press release: McCain: ”I support the Latino and Immigrant Fairness Act (LIFA). Negotiations between the White House and the leadership, which endorsed more limited immigration reform, have resulted in a compromise.... this bill makes meaningful but insufficient progress on amnesty for those wrongly denied it.

Q: Should we change our Constitution to allow men like Mel Martinez, born in Cuba and Schwarzenegger, born in Austria, to stand here some night as candidates for president?
McCAIN: He and I have many similar attributes, so I have to seriously consider it.
Source: 2007 GOP primary debate, at Reagan library, hosted by MSNBC May 3, 2007

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