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Thursday, August 19, 2010

FLUSH the JOHN! McCain HAS to go!

LISTEN UP ARIZONA!!! DO NOT stick us with John McCain for another 6 years of flipflopping- amnesty loving nonsense!!!


Johnny and Teddy were Senators
On opposite sides of the aisle
They got together and drafted a bill
Guaranteed to make illegals smile
Amnesty was their game – and they had no shame

Johnny and Senator Feingold
Gave campaign finance a try
But then the highest court in the land
Said the 1st amendment must apply
Gotta play by the rules – now Johnny looks like a fool

Johnny and Mr. Obama
They both agree Gitmo should close
But bringing terrorists into the USA
Is a plan that we oppose
No, they don’t belong – and Johnny’s got it all wrong

Now Johnny and Senator Lieberman
Got together on cap and trade
Anemic hands across the aisle
Gonna send the country to its grave
It’s time to let him know – old Johnny’s gotta go

Johnny believes Global Warming
Limousine Liberals and all
Congressional junkets to Copenhagen
Everybody’s havin’ a ball
Just ask Al Gore - Johnny knows the score

S & L Man Charlie Keating
He came to Johnny one day
Said “the government boys are sniffing around
How much to make ‘em go away?”
Did Johnny take a bribe to join the Keating 5?

Now fast-forward 20 years later
Banks are in trouble again
Johnny says, “Let’s bail ‘em out
It’s just a trillion – or maybe ten.
Let’s put some wind in their sails – ‘cause they’re too big to fail.”

We know there’s oil in Alaska
Drilling won’t cause any harm
But Johnny agrees with the tree-hugging geeks
Gas is gonna cost a leg and an arm
Johnny why can’t you see what’s good for you and me?

Now everyone knows about ACORN
They get lots of taxpayers’ dough
Prostitution rings and voter fraud
And home loans to any old schmoe
No matter ACORN’s crimes – Johnny thinks they’re just fine

We’re tired of hearin’ your flip-flops
We’re tired of hearin’ your lies
You may think we’re all dummies but you can’t
Pull the wool over our eyes
You’re career’s hit a snag - so start packin’ your bags

‘Cause Johnny, you’ve worn out your welcome
It’s time to bid DC goodbye
Go write a book or learn to cook
And eat a little humble pie
Just ask Sheriff Joe – he says you gotta go

Yeah, go Johnny, go – it’s time to hit the road.

This great song has been transcribed with links to appropriate legislation/McCain policy.

MUST SEE!! The ‘Flush the John’ Song is on YOU TUBE!

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