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Saturday, May 01, 2010

Mexico, illegal aliens - TERRORISM, time to call it what it is


PAST the time to call it what it is.

Definition of Terrorism under U.S. Law

The term “terrorism” means premeditated, politically motivated violence perpetrated against noncombatant targets by subnational groups or clandestine agents;

5) the terms “terrorist sanctuary” and “sanctuary” mean an area in the territory of the country—
(A) that is used by a terrorist or terrorist organization—
(i) to carry out terrorist activities, including training, fundraising, financing, and recruitment; or
(ii) as a transit point; and
(B) the government of which expressly consents to, or with knowledge, allows, tolerates, or disregards such use of its territory

The shooting of a Deputy Sheriff in Arizona yesterday was an act of Terrorism.

[snip] A massive hunt of 100 square miles that included helicopters with night-vision equipment and more than 200 officers, including SWAT teams, from 13 agencies was still pursuing the shooters late Friday.

More than one helicopter came under fire during the evening as officers rescued Deputy Louie Puroll, who had been shot with an AK-47-type weapon around 4 p.m., according to the Sheriff’s Office.

“Here we see the tactics have changed and become more dangerous,” Pinal County Sheriff Paul Babeu said. “This has reached a critical mass for law enforcement.”

The citizens of Arizona and other border states have suffered for years with this invasion while being ignored by John McCain, George Bush and the other members of the Squatter Support Squad of the GOP and virtually the entire democrat party. BUT, the problem is ALL over this nation.

Armed, trained Mexican Cartels are growing tons of dope here, on our public lands.

Last summer, rural residents of Siskiyou County, California.....800 miles from the border, heard groups of ‘spanish speaking’ people walking up and down the roads in the middle of the night, patrolling. The various cartels are here fighting each other over LAND...our national forests, to grow their weed. We are told not to go into the forests for our own safety.

One fire in California last summer, LaBrea, was set by these cartels, consumed 88,000 acres.

Fire Investigators Determine Cause of La Brea Fire

It’s here, all over the country.

Story here, with photos of their camps, The Mexican border has moved 800 miles north-

.....some of their plantations are not more than 10 miles from where we live. Some of the aliens have been found with USA issued ‘agriculture’ green cards.

As we look to this day of protests by the left, please take a look at an EXCELLENT photo essay by Michelle Malikin from prior amnesty protests.

Welcome to Reconquista By Michelle Malkin • March 27, 2006

[snip]the Los Angeles Times (and all other major media, for that matter) have downplayed the radical ethnic separatism that characterized the pro-illegal immigration rallies over the weekend. While the Times misleadingly asserted that the Los Angeles rally “featured more American flags than those from any other country,” its reporters conveniently ignored marchers with extremist signs and banners advocating America-undermining concepts of reconquista and Aztlan. Tammy Bruce noted on FOX News this morning that American flags were burned at the LA rally and marchers also held signs of the North American continent with America x’ed out.

Image Hosted by

Image Hosted by

Now, Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger, instead of defending California is condemning Arizona.

CALIFORNIA!!! WAKE UP!!! Send a fax free to Arnold and tell him to defend his CITIZENS!

ANOTHER THING........Just a reminder of where violence and protests have been in the past...and it sure wasn't the TEA PARTY.

Reminds me of one of McCain’s excuses for Amnesty
( err..’legalization’, according to him)
This may be the ONLY time John McCain told the truth.

John McCain: no amnesty for illegal aliens could lead to France-style riots

...The man wasn’t satisfied with McCain’s answer. He asked McCain why the U.S. couldn’t execute large-scale deportations, as he had heard they did in France and other countries. The question seemed to pique McCain.

In case you hadn’t noticed, the thousands of people who have been relegated to ghettos have risen up and burned cars in France,” McCain said. “They’ve got huge problems in France. They have tremendous problems. The police can’t even go into certain areas in the suburbs of Paris. I don’t want that in the suburbs of America.”

Here is the infamous incident outside of Montebello High School, where the illegals and their supported raised the Mexican flag above the inverted American flag.

Here are some of our videos showing the TRUE NATURE of this invasion.

Illegals and supporters take down American flag in Maywood, CA (Aug. 26, 2006)

(Extended footage)

Illegals riot in MacArthur Park May 1, 2007 MUST SEE!!!

Illegal immigration supporters abuse American flags Dallas May 1, 2007


Mr. Reconquista, Show me yours and I'll show you mine!

Favorite places to visit!
The SHERIFF is back!
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