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Tuesday, May 04, 2010

BAD US Immigration policy is reason for NY Bomber

HEADLINE: Faisal Shahzad: Time Square Bomber, Islamic Terrorist (Shahzad Faisal)[Naturalized April 17th, 2009]
This entire mess rests on our screwy/PC immigration system. It is responsible, as well, for creating the problems in Arizona, as its citizens attempt to stem the invasion of the state by illegal aliens.
Latinos and Muslims get first crack at immigration, to appease them and their lobbying interests as 'legal entrants'. Third world immigrants are typically socialist/democrat voters.

A few years ago
USCIS (agency in charge) lost 111,000 files they were to vet for 'legal residents' from foreign they just approved 30,000 instead, with no vetting.
Senator Charles Grassley commented at the time: "It only takes one missing file of somebody with links to a terrorist organization to become an American citizen," said Grassley, who is chairman of the Senate Finance Committee. "We can't afford to be handing out citizenship with blinders on."

Now remember, THIS is the agency who will vet the 20 million aliens that Obama and McCain want to put on a 'path to citizenship'. The agency is out of control!

Decent immigrants are put in the back of the line. They serve no purpose to push this country into socialism/anarchy.
People keep saying we allow 1 million Legal entries every year...WRONG. It’s closer to 4 million every year...and growing.

Take a look at just what USCIS does EVERY DAY. Last year we gave over a million citizenship, then there are the dozens of visas to suit just about anyone, including terrorists. And remember all those hunreds of thousands of refugees....Haitians, Somalians, etc. who get ‘temp legal status’...those are given out by the State Dept and not even counted in the USCIS numbers.

“A Day in the Life of USCIS”- (Is this any way to protect our nation?)

Some of the DAILY work of USCIS according to their own document:

* Conduct 135,000 national security background checks - IF they decide to!

* process 30,000 applications for immigrant benefits - PER DAY

* Issue 7,000 permanent resident cards (green cards -PER DAY)

* Welcome 2100 new citizens. PER DAY

* Welcome 3500 new permanent residents. PER DAY


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How Janet ever made it through U of VA Law School is one I will take to my grave.

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