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Thursday, March 04, 2010

Which D.C. Politician Wants to Takeover Your Vitamins?

A message from J.D. Hayworth....

A. Barack Obama (D) B. Nancy Pelosi (D) C. John McCain (R?)

If you answered C. John McCain, you are sadly correct.

Dear Fellow Conservative,

Unfortunately, thanks to John McCain, we have to fight the battle to keep the Governments Hands Off Our Healthcare on two fronts.

Tell John McCain Hands Off Our Vitamins!

John McCain, my opponent in the Republican Primary this year, has introduced [FEDERAL] legislation that would allow the FDA to completely take-over the vitamin and nutritional supplement industry! If John gets his way, all the vitamins, minerals, herbal products, and even nutritional supplements we take could be pulled from the market by the bureaucrats in Washington.

Worse still, our children and even our parents and grandparents could very well need a prescription for something as simple as a vitamin… if John McCain gets his way and Washington takes over yet another industry.

Just like they’ve done with banking. And the auto industry. And mortgages. And insurance. And pretty soon health care, if Barack Obama wins in Congress.

Tell John McCain Hands Off Our Vitamins!


GROVER NORQUIST is finally being outed in popular conservative circles for the quisling against conservatism that he is.

Dear President Bush: Grover Norquist Snowed You And Sold Out His Country

CPAC's Grover Norquist Joins Obama Push For Illegal Alien Amnesty

More than you ever wanted to know about Grover.

My favorite Grover quote:

Grover Norquist: ‘Field Marshal’ of the Bush Plan

“I started out as a right-winger, and when I retire I want to be a squishy middle-of-the-roader,” he jokes, chortling at the thought.


Every week we hear about Chinese nationals being brought over the Mexican Border. If
this story doesn't make it apparent that Mexico will facilitate terrorists or anyone else to get into the USA, I don't know what will.
Trafficking probe nets 10 Mexican migration agents

Associated Press 2010-03-03
Mexico’s interior department says prosecutors have detained 10 Mexican immigration agents and three airline workers at Cancun’s international airport on suspicion of trafficking Chinese migrants.

The department says in a statement that the agents, along with the two Mexicana Airlines employees and a worker of Livingston Air, allegedly allowed Chinese citizens into the country with false passports.

A statement issued Tuesday by the department says the arrests are part of an investigation that resulted in the detention of 26 immigration agents at Cancun’s airport in January.


In Arizona, a Stream of Illegal Immigrants From ChinaJan. 23, 2010

Chinese caught en route to the U.S.Dec. 17, 2009

Chinese invasion underway in Arizona Nov. 6, 2009

AND another thing....

About that GLOBAL WARMING....HUH??

UPDATE: 3/8/10 ......It appears Mr. McCain has thought better of his legislation and has pulled his support....But then it IS an election year, ain't it?????

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