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Monday, March 15, 2010

War in Mexico claims US Citizens - WAKE UP AMERICA!

US consulate workers killed in Mexico drug wars

According to the newspaper Diario de Juarez, gunmen chased the couple’s white van shortly after 2 p.m. on Saturday, shooting at the vehicle until it swerved out of control, crashing into oncoming traffic near the bridge.

Ms Enriquez, who was four months pregnant with the couple’s second child, was shot in the head, while her husband was shot in his neck and arm. When police officers arrived at the victims’ bullet-riddled Toyota van, they discovered the couple’s baby daughter crying disconsolately in the back seat, Diario de Juarez reported. At first the officers thought the seven-month-old girl had been wounded, but she was unharmed.

US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton extended her sympathy to the families of the victims and said Washington would continue to work with the Mexican government to bring drug traffickers to justice.

“These appalling assaults on members of our own State Department family are, sadly, part of a growing tragedy besetting many communities in Mexico,” said Mrs Clinton. Washington was committed to: “work closely with the government of President Calderon to cripple the influence of trafficking organizations at work in Mexico,” she said. “

From John Lollipop:

While Americans Are Murdered in Mexico, Obama Works on Amnesty!

Although no one in the Obama Administration seems to give a damn, the nation of Mexico continues to decay further and further into anarchy, a tragedy which recently resulted in the murder of innocent Americans affiliated with the U.S. Consulate in this god-forsaken, third-world, failed state. (1)

As murder and mayhem rage out of control in Mexico, the likelihood that the carnage will spill over onto America soil increases with each passing day. In fact, incursions across the US border by Mexican military forces have already been reported and are a chilling reminder of why our borders must be secured and fortified militarily. (2)

And what are the president of the United States and the US Congress doing while Mexico wages war on our sovereign state?

Incredibly enough, our dithering president and his Democrat colleagues in Congress are too busy working on plans to grant amnesty to the 20 million or so invading criminals from Mexico and points south, to concern themselves with defending the homeland.

Moreover, misguided yokels like Homeland Security Secretary Janet Napolitano prefer to think of illegal aliens as "newly arrived refuges" rather than criminals who have deliberately violated US borders and immigration laws.

In their mindless mania to grow the Democrat Party at any cost, Obama and the Democrats have overlooked a vital fact about illegal aliens currently in America: Namely, should hostilities break out between the US and Mexico over Mexico's inability to control its drug crimes, the loyalties of most illegal aliens will be with Mexico.

The notion that Mexican peasants come to America in pursuit of liberty and freedom and to join the American "family" is too ludicrous to stand.

Mexicans come to America illegally because our politicians are stupid enough to reward them with free health care, education, employment, food, housing, and, in the most extreme cases, protection from federal immigration authorities.

Most invaders have little or no interest in American values, or in "assimilating" into mainstream America, a fact borne out by their universal refusal to learn English.

Granting amnesty to illegal aliens will only serve to encourage another 40 million or so to violate our borders and laws.

If our president and Congress had any commitment whatsoever to the preservation of American culture and to protecting the American people from harm, the administration would be working to deport invading interlopers back to Mexico.[snip]

What a terrifying few moments it must have been for this young family slaughtered in Mexico. The assailants started shooting at their car and they headed for the bridge to the USA. And almost made it before being shot and crashing.

Image Hosted by
Hit squad: A soldier patrols near the car in Ciudad Juarez in which a U.S. consulate worker and her husband were shot dead on Saturday

Image Hosted by ImageShack.usThe couple's one-year-old daughter, now orphaned, is cradled by a policewoman in the wake of the shootings which killed her parents

Image Hosted by

Killed: Arthur Redelfs, 34, was killed along with his wife Lesley Enriquez, who worked at the U.S. consulate. Their one-year-old baby was unharmed. Arthur worked at the El Paso, Tx. Jail.

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They ignore the facts:

Poll: Mexicans say Mexican-Americans Owe Loyalty to Mexico Over U.S.
Thu Oct 15 11:51:17 2009 ·

( - Nearly 70 percent of Mexicans surveyed said that Mexican-Americans – including those born in the United States – owe their primary loyalty to Mexico, not the U.S.

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

I took a survey of the mexicans at my job; and they all said they would defend Mexico against America. The same survey amoung the Russian workers had one refuse to answer and 5 out of 6 total that would defend America against Russia. The problem for America does seem to have a direction on which to focus.

12:10 PM  

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