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Tuesday, May 13, 2008

My Home Town.......Coming your way!

Well, it used to be for over 50 years. I am one of many who has been pushed out for 'diversity'.
This small city is now overwhelmed with Latino gangs, driveby shootings and all the terror that goes with it. And Medford's answer to the problem? They fine the VICTIM if graffiti isn't cleaned up within 10 days!
"Glenda Owens, who oversees the code enforcement department, said a city ordinance requires property owners to remove graffiti at their own expense within 10 days."

We used to love having company from the big cities in our country home in Medford. They enjoyed the clean, safe city, the friendly people. Now they'd just think they were in their urban hell holes. Or Tijuana. Medford has arrived.

Medford graffiti attack
MEDFORD, Or. — Hayes Avenue is normally a peaceful street. But residents of the secluded north Medford neighborhood awoke Sunday morning to wall-to-wall graffiti.

Ernie Whiteman, Medford police department school resource officer, said the graffiti has elements common to both gang members and taggers.

The number 510, which is a telephone area code for California's Bay Area, and the word "Cal," which could represent California, are the kind of graffiti gangs use, he said.

But there are also words such as "Derte" and "Loser," which could be names or nicknames.

"We've never seen those names," he said.

Whiteman, who has worked on many graffiti cases in Medford, said he's surprised neighbors didn't hear the vandals at work, shaking spray paint cans and talking in the middle of the night.

"Some of the paint is double-colored and outlined," he said, adding the vandalism took at least an hour.[snip]


Blogger Vanishing American said...

I know how you feel; my little town has just seen its first gang-related graffiti, which is a shame. This town is clean, relatively crime-free (so far) and quiet. Not for long, if the invasion continues.

8:01 PM  

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