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Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Illiterate peasants....Don't speak the truth!

More about this nonsense at Lars Larson. This fiasco is worse than reported. He started to give his speech, and was immediately interrupted by Ms.Kathleen Curry who informed him this had NOTHING to do with immigration or aliens.....duh!!!!

This ‘lady’ needs to be gone!

Full interview with Rep. Bruce, here.

Bruce Told To Leave Podium After Mexican Comment (Note he never said a word about MEXICANS!) /FR^ | 04/21/2008 | Steven K. Paulson

Posted on Tue Apr 22 13:13:22 2008 by Oshkalaboomboom

DENVER (AP) ― Rep. Douglas Bruce was ordered to leave the podium of the Colorado House of Representatives on Monday after calling Mexican workers "illiterate peasants."

Bruce, a Republican with a history of provoking controversy with his statements and actions, made the comment during a debate on a bill designed to ease a farmworker shortage in Colorado.

It drew an audible gasp from the House.

"How dare you," said Rep. Kathleen Curry, a Democrat who was serving as chairwoman during the debate. She told Bruce he was no longer recognized to speak.

The bill under discussion would allow the state to help immigrant workers get temporary visas.

Bruce said the bill was about "having more aliens coming into Colorado" from Mexico.

"I would like to have the opportunity to state at the microphone why I don't think we need 5,000 more illiterate peasants in Colorado," Bruce said.

Rep. Mike May of Parker, the House minority leader and head of the GOP caucus, said legislative leaders were trying to determine what action to take against Bruce.

And just because...............


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