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Friday, April 11, 2008

American Legion tackles immigration!

A Strategy to Secure Our Borders

If you do not have a copy of The American Legion’s latest booklet on illegal immigration, download it here! If you would like a free booklet sent to you, email your address to

“The American Legion Policy on Illegal Immigration: A Strategy to Address Illegal Immigration in the United States” is a must-read for voters and political candidates alike. The impact illegal immigration has on crime, terrorism, employment, wages and even public health are all addressed in this comprehensive booklet. More importantly, The American Legion’s common sense strategy to deal with this important issue offers not just a look at the problem but a solution as well.

Download brochure below:

PDF DocumentPolicy on Illegal Immigration

Listen to Legion audio related to immigration

MP3 Audio FileImmigration child victims
MP3 Audio File
Immigration enforcement
MP3 Audio File
Immigration and the Iraq war
MP3 Audio File
Immigration and national security
MP3 Audio File
Immigration remedies
MP3 Audio File
Immigration US Code

Just some of the information in this comprehensive bulletin from Pg. 8:

Money Wired to Mexico Since Jan. 2006 $42,363,149,000

Cost of Social Services for Illegals Since 1996 $397,480,946,017

Children of Illegal Aliens in Public Schools 4,184,824

Cost of Illegals in K-12 Since1996 $14,828,106,397

Illegal Aliens Incarcerated 351,087
Cost of Incarceration Since 2001 $1,477,239,843

Illegal Alien Fugitives 663,347

Anchor Babies Since 2002 2,148,175

Skilled Jobs Taken by Illegal Immigrants 10,232,441


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