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Sunday, January 06, 2008

Lynne Hunter, “Don’t let the press pick your candidate”

Smart words from the smart lady who is Mrs. Duncan Hunter last Friday.

AMES, Iowa — Mike Huckabee played bass for much of the morning with his rock-and-roll band “Capitol Offense,” taking the stage at one point with an Elvis impersonator and Lynn Hunter, the wife of his rival for
the Republican nomination, Representative Duncan Hunter, to sing Johnny B. Goode.

“Is Elvis with you Lynn?” he asked?

“I’m afraid so,” she said. “He’s voting for Hunter.”

Photos from the Ames Straw Poll, August 2007
Duncan Hunter's decked out truck.
Congressman Hunter visits with supporters as the Straw Poll winds down.
Congressman Hunter had homemade ice cream at the Straw Poll. My sister and I tried it and it was delicious!

CHERYL SENTER / Associated Press
Presidential hopeful Rep. Duncan Hunter, R-Alpine, conducted business after ordering a cup of chili at the Red Arrow Diner in Manchester, N.H., yesterday.

And when everyone else is tired of doing the job, there will be Duncan Hunter carrying the load alone as he has done so often. Photo: Hunter as he was arriving on a recent late night,
headed to the Red Arrow Diner in Manchester, N.H., to meet voters.

Another blog endorsement for Hunter!

Stupid Iowa Primary Thingy

election 2008
All right quiz time folks:
Which candidate will the Iowans pick today for the Leftards?

1) Hillary "Which Way Does The Poll Blow Clinton.
2) John "I Love Them Poor People, Get Me My Pellegrino" Edwards.
3) Barack Hussein "Osama In Pakistan, Let's Bomb 'Em" Obama.
4) Bill Richardson.
5) Ron "My Ears Are Dennis Kucinich's Mother Ship Radar" Paul.

Which Candidate will the Iowans pick today for the Right?

1) Duncan "I Have Actually Done Something About The Border" Hunter.
2) Rudy "I'm The 9/11 Guy!" Giuliani.
3) John "Shamnesty" McCain.
4) Mitt "I Am Not A Ken Doll" Romney.
5) Fred "Can I get A New Campaign Manager" Thompson.

I'll start....I pick DUNCAN HUNTER!

I'm Going To Flip Flop: Vote Duncan Hunter

All right, after all this time I finally endorsed Fred Thompson as president on my Monday show. And now I'm going to flip flop.

I kept hearing....."I like Duncan Hunter, but he doesn't stand a chance."

But then if that's who I REALLY want and so many others all say the same damn thing, and we all vote for him, then dammit, HE DOES STAND A CHANCE!


Why do I endorse Duncan? Let me count the ways:
1)He believes judges "have a responsibility to strictly interpret our nation’s laws and not legislate from the bench with their own political or social agenda."
2)Wants to do away with stupid "hate crime" laws."I have always voted against this type of legislation because I firmly believe that the use of violence against any innocent person is wrong, regardless of that individuals race, religion, nationality or sexual orientation."
3)Duncan wants YOU to keep your guns, so you can protect Jenn from bad boys! " We must vigorously defend against all attempts to chip away at the Second Amendment. You know as well as I do that there is one thing criminals prefer over any other: unarmed victims."
4)No pandering on tax cuts,"I do not support efforts to identify segments of our society that are more deserving of a tax cut over another and I believe political stereotyping in this area hinders the goal of providing efficient tax relief. It is important to create a federal tax policy that is both fair to American taxpayers while, at the same time, ensuring that our nation meets its financial obligations."
5)On Education,"I believe we can educate students more effectively by returning school curriculum prerogatives to the states, local communities and, most importantly, to the family."
6)DUMPING THE ANCHOR BABY DEBACLE:"I oppose summarily bestowing citizenship on people who have crossed our borders illegally. Therefore, I cosponsored H.R. 1940, the Birthright Citizenship Act, which grants automatic citizenship only to those who have at least one parent who is a U.S. citizen." Amen!
7) Bite me China: "Further, America’s one-way-street trade relationship with China and other nations has reduced manufacturing jobs severely in the U.S. I would change the one-way-street into a two-way-street by putting the same charges on foreign goods that they put on ours."

There are many more reasons, he's Presidential, he's served, he's a good man.....

Hunter appeals to the common sense of most factions.

Interesting Fact

In his district, he consistently gets over 60% of the Hispanic vote and nearly 70% of the Democratic vote.


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