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Tuesday, January 08, 2008

Duncan Hunter:" I am not going to quit, Mr. Corporate Executive! "

Duncan Hunter Takes on the Media

Stop the ACLU11:02 pm on January 7, 2008.

First he sent out a press release today calling for a major announcement for his campaign. Everyone assumed he was dropping out. Then he turned around to announce that he was staying in, and take some knocks at the media. Now this video is making the rounds.

Its really hilarious. Just look at Chrissy's face! I couldn't decide whether to feel sorry for Mr. Hunter or applaud him. Since I have great respect for the man, I think I will applaud him. I am not sure if this will turn into a good moment or backfire though. It is quite enjoyable though. Media blacking you out? Just waltz right in, and make them pay attention. He's obviously had enough.



(Guest Writer: AFY!)Jan. 8, 2008

What do Air Force Brigadier General Chuck Yeager and Ann Coulter have in common with the Missouri Republican Assembly?

Their endorsement of what the Missouri Republican assembly called a “true Republican”!

MRA state president Chris Brown stated, “Congressman Hunter is a true social conservative and honestly represents the Republican Wing of the Republican Party, when you add together Duncan Hunter’s commitment to the military, American jobs, and fighting for family and life issues, there is no better choice for President. America needs Hunter’s integrity, courage and proven leadership.”

Duncan Hunter is a fourteen term Congressman and Vietnam War Veteran.

Duncan Hunter is committed to controlling our borders; he built the border fence in San Diego which resulted in a reduction in smuggling of narcotics by 90% and a drop in crime by 50%. If he is elected President; he would have as one of his biggest priorities to build this same fence for our entire southern border.

In a recent debate Duncan Hunter stated that he felt that the “Democratic Party lost its identity” for example the failure of the Kennedy administration at the Bay of Pigs and when compared to Ronald Reagan actions in El Salvador which was so successful in bringing freedom to that nation; that at this moment the military of El Salvador is “fighting side by side with our guys in Iraq”! Duncan Hunter truly believes the Republican Party is “the Party of Freedom”.

This past Veterans day, Duncan hunter stated “We cannot thank them enough (Veterans) all sufficiently… (they) have represented the finest of human qualities… our Veterans made (a) sacrifice unflinchingly, with a character that General Douglas MacArthur describes as “stainless”. They make the sacrifice for their comrades in arms, their buddies and the immediate mission at hand. But in a greater sense they have made a sacrifice for millions of American whom they do not know and who do not know them”.

Finally I would like to close with this recent endorsement from former New Hampshire Senator Robert C. Smith: “There will never be another Ronald Reagan but fellow Californian Duncan Hunter can pick up the Reagan torch and light the way for America to come back from the dangers we now face.”

"But I am not going to quit, Mr. Corporate Executive! You think you can turn the light off on this campaign by taking off the debates 72 hours before the poll's over." Duncan Hunter, 1/8/08


Blogger iReachable said...

supporters can help scores here:

9:01 AM  
Blogger Poindexter P. Parkenfarker said...

Imagine my shock to see one of my guest writers at your site!
Thank you so much!
There is a comment on my site in response to AFY's column that has another great blog link.

After I have all my guests write on behalf of each GOP candidate I hope to start writing on behalf of one particular candidate...
However after reading your columns and research, I'm not sure If I can do as well as you have been doing.
I would sure like to see a Hunter/Curry Ticket!
These two guys get it and think would be a great team.
Although I still have my Lynn Swann/Steve Largent ticket delusion...
The Nation would be in the best "hands"...

9:16 PM  

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