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Monday, November 05, 2007

Who would Ron Paul vote for?

According to Ron, in his own words:

QUESTIONER: "Congressman, if you were not running, right now, for office, is there a current candidate that you would identify with most and who would you vote for yourself?"

RP: "... there's been some that hinted that they might run... that's Chuck Hagel... I don't know a lot about his other programs, but because foreign policy to me is so important"

"... on the Democratic side, it just happens that Dennis Kucinich is a good friend of mine"

--------------see the video!

Ron Paul - Illegals are more American!!!

Illegal immigration not important to Ron Paul

In other news today, Ron Paul is being praised by the Muslims......guess that vote he gave for Ramadan declaring Islam a religion of peace worked for him......

"The resolution recognized “the Islamic faith as one of the great religions of the world,” rejected “hatred, bigotry and violence directed against Muslims, both in the United States and worldwide”

By James Zogby

"LAST weekend, most of the Democratic presidential candidates addressed remarks to a gathering of Arab American leaders assembled at their Quadrennial National Leadership Conference (NLC) in Michigan. An examination of how each of them dealt with the Israeli-Palestinian conflict proved to be quite revealing. But first, to set the context. Over 600 Arab Americans gathered for this year's NLC, sponsored by the Arab American Institute. Among the bi-partisan group were Arab American elected officials and party leaders, and representatives of 41 organizations from 20 states. During the three-day meeting, they discussed key domestic and foreign policy issues, and took a long hard look at how best to prepare and position the community for the 2008 contest.

All of the presidential candidates were invited to speak or send representatives, and some did. On the Republican side, only Texas Congressman Ron Paul responded, delivering remarks that touched on many of the community's concerns. Paul spoke critically of the Bush Administration's adventure in Iraq and its failure to pursue an "even-handed" policy with regard to the Arab-Israeli conflict. His comments were well-received. The fact that none of the other Republicans responded was disappointing to some, but not surprising, since too many of them have rhetorically boxed themselves in with hostile positions on civil liberties, the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, and the Mideast in general.

Among the Democrats, New Mexico Governor Bill Richardson and Ohio Congressman Denis Kucinich made appearances; while New York Senator Hillary Clinton, Illinois Senator Barack Obama and former North Carolina Senator John Edwards sent video presentations of their remarks accompanied by senior campaign officials who spoke and responded to questions. Kucinich, a long-time critic of US Mideast policy and an advocate for peace and justice was passionate and a crowd-pleaser, but what was especially striking to me was the way in which the four leading Democrats chose to address the critical issue of Israeli-Palestinian peace."


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