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Monday, October 01, 2007


Why Duncan Hunter? The best man for the job!

Every Year Hundreds of illegal Immigrants die trying to cross the border.

Every Year Illegal Immigrants cost the federal government ten billion dollars ($10,000,000,000), which is all paid for by the taxpayers (and amnesty will not end that)

Since 1993
An estimated 1.4 Million people, via the Mexican/US border have been sent into poor, unfair working conditions, or into slavery through the worldwide human trafficking market.

Since 9/11
48,000 Americans have been murdered by Illegal Immigrants

Illegal Immigration is today's greatest American tragedy

Who will end it?

Rudy Giuliani?
-His law firm represents an organization closely connected to the North American Free Trade Agreement, an agreement that is largely to blame for our open borders, and is dependent on having open borders.
-He upheld Illegal Immigrant sanctuary laws in New York as mayor, which prevented law enforcers from finding out about whether immigrants were illegal or not.
-When the federal government threatened his sanctuary laws he sued. After losing the lawsuit, he kept the sanctuary laws in place anyway. So much for law and order.

John McCain?
-Three words: McCain-Kennedy bill (plus a long history of such attempts at immigration reform). The bill would have enlarged NAFTA along with providing amnesty.

Mitt Romney?
-He has yet to make his mind up on anything.
-He has supported John McCain's earlier Immigration reforms and only recently "changed his mind."
-Illegal Immigrants do the landscaping at his house.

Fred Thompson?
-He thinks John McCain is the leader on reform in Washington.
-He voted against punishment on companies hiring illegals.
-He voted against a pilot program to make citizenship verification easy and simple for companies.
-He has a C minus from Americans for Better Immigration.

Again, who will end this tragedy?

There is ONE candidate who has proven that he cares.

Congressman Duncan Hunter

He has a perfect rating from Americans for Better Immigration.
He voted against NAFTA and its sister deal, CAFTA.
He has NEVER voted for amnesty.
He comes from a border state, so he knows firsthand the troubles of Illegal Immigration.
He already began a triple-layered fence in San Diego:

-With three layers - one 8-foot fence, a border patrol road behind it, and another, 15-foot fence behind THAT - it is far more secure than nothing at all.
-This fence lowered the trafficking of humans and drugs by 90% in San Diego!
-It lowered crime by 53% in San Diego!
-He wrote a bill that the president WILL NOT ENFORCE to finish this fence across 854 miles of smugglers' routes across the border.
-He has sought to build a fence across the entire Southern border.

What about the rest of his credentials?

-He has an A+ from the NRA
-He has a 100% rating from the National Right to Life
-He has a 100% rating from the Americans for Better Immigration
-He supports the Fair Tax
-He has a 100% rating from the Eagle Forum
-He has a plan to overturn Roe v. Wade
-He promises to finish the fence within 6 months if he becomes president.
-He will appoint Originalist judges, who will interpret the Constitution as it was written (as they should).
-He has a plan to balance the budget
-He has a plan to cut spending
-He promises to end trade deals with China that are cheating us out of millions, deals enacted by Bill Clinton
- took a poll asking people to describe the ideal candidate without picking names. The results were compared to current candidates, and 69% described Duncan Hunter
-He beat John McCain in a straw poll in McCain's own state
-He tied for second in a straw poll in California
-He's won multiple straw polls in South Carolina, coming in second and third in others as well.
-He has 26 years of experience
-He is a Vietnam war veteran
-His son has fought in Iraq and is now in Afghanistan
-He was Chair of the Armed Services Committee
-National Journal ranks him as the most conservative member of Congess running for president.

Vote Duncan Hunter for president in 2008!

Please, forward this to everyone you know!
And visit these websites for more info:

Thank you Ultra Sonic 007!

For links to Hunters policies, votes, etc. (Post #4) This man has nothing to hide!


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