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Sunday, September 23, 2007

Update - List of victims (dead) of Illegal Aliens

148. Ronald Dean Hollingsworth Christian Molina 9/2/07 Va.
aka Jose Maximino Flores-Perales
149. Maria Ramirez. Armando Cruz 2002 Ill.

150. Ivan Santos Demetro Acosta-Uribe 5/07 Phoenix

151. Samuel Reta 8 mo Juan Sanchez & 2007 Calif
Elizabeth Reta

152. Nick Erfle, LEO Anthony Sanchez 9/07 Phoenix

152-3. Jennifer Bower Edwardo Morales-Soriano 11/06 MD
Brian Matthews

154. Thomas Whitney, Jr., 24 Daryush Omar May, 21, 2006 NJ


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