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Monday, October 08, 2007

By a margin of two-to-one, the American public prefers amnesty -NOT!

There is a full force effort to push amnesty by stealth and deception that started last weekend. The Bush administration is going around the legislative process to push more ‘guest workers’....30 million of ‘em just isn’t enough. Witness these headlines buried in the overlooked Sunday News.
US to launch $1 BILLION ‘Plan Mexico’

Illegals may give state more clout - more seats in Congress

Kucinich-Sponsored Resolution Approved at National Latino Congreso

Death Penalty Case Puts Bush and Texas at Odds Over Mexican’s Fate

U.S. lets in more immigrants for farms

Study: illegal alien population may be as high as 38 million

Feds move to ease guest-worker rules

U.S. raises refugee admissions ceiling

Last night I heard the biggest propaganda piece to come down the pike! It was put out by America’s Majority, Richard Nadler, also former Political Director of the front group Republican Leadership Coalition – which made Public Citizen’s 2002 list of “shadowy” 527 organizations.

I thought the ad was a parody, it was so blatantly incorrect. They said the majority polled (their own internal poll that defies all others!) want amnesty......democrats, independents, republicans....and by golly, talk radio has distorted the truth about the public opinion! This ad ran immediately after a news item about the shortage of ‘foreign labor’ and how expensive lettuce will be. It was on Coast to Coast, AM780, around midnight pacific time. Their ads were played on every commercial through the night.

Their ‘immigration project’ page says essentially the same thing. This, along with other NGO groups have hi jacked the 'conservative' movement.

About Us

Americas Majority was founded to increase the constituency for conservative causes: free market economics, international anti-totalitarianism, and morals based on Jewish and Christian scriptures.

Methodologically, Americas Majority communicates primarily with groups whose affinity for conservative issues exceeds their historical identification with such issues. Our guiding theory is that a lasting conservative majority can be built only when the advantages of conservative policy are broadcast clearly and directly to all groups that comprise the American polity – not merely those with whom such issues have been historically associated.

We are launching a nationwide campaign defending the Bush administration’s approach to comprehensive immigration reform and those who support it.

The Senate’s failure to pass S. 1639 most obviously affects border security. Congress will enter 2008 without funding for additional fence, border agents, or holding beds, and a without a system of tamper-proof employee identification. The policy of the United States remains what it was: de facto amnesty along an uncontrolled border.

But the collateral damage to the conservative movement, largely self-inflicted, is also severe.

Morally, the popular and formal organs of the political Right invoked the civil infraction of crossing an unenforced border as the rationale for mass punishment of illegals and their employers – a punititve overkill of monumental proportions.

Economically, the popular and formal organs of the political Right invoked such Marxist canards as Ricardo’s iron law of wages and the fictitious decline of the middle class. The interests of the employers of illegals — farmers, ranchers, food processors, service industries, high tech, and small business – were disregarded at best, deprecated at worst.
“Politically, the popular and formal organs of the political Right comported themselves as if 32 million Hispanic American citizens could be disregarded when discussing the fate of 12 million Hispanic illegals; and as if the demographics of the West and South were irrelevant.

A substantial portion of the political Right fell prey to the talk-radio-fed delusion that support for deportation of illegals exceeded support for their amnesty among the general public. The truth is precisely opposite, as polling by the Americas Majority Foundation has confirmed. By a margin of two-to-one, the American public prefers to amnesty illegal aliens, either as guest workers, or as eventual citizens.

The self-fed delusion of the unpopularity of Hispanic migrant labor led most of the informal organs of the political Right to attack those conservative, pro-Hispanic politicians of the South and West who harbored no such delusions. Regrettably, many of the formal organs of the political right followed suit. In the process, conservative prospects have been severely damaged in Arizona, New Mexico, Nevada, Colorado, Florida, and Texas.

To hear each ad, click on the play button or the link to download:

A good article about this stealth, dishonest bunch:

Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Conservatives without borders

Conservative Campaign Supports Amnesty for Illegal Immigrants

[snip]What do we make of this? As the CNSNews article says, this is a ‘self-described conservative’ group. And in my opinion they are preaching a very anti-conservative message. I find it odd that they refer to ‘the conservative movement’ rather than to the Republican Party as usual. What is that about? Do these people imagine that those they blame for stopping amnesty can be won over by these ‘audio messages’? Who is the target audience? The mushy moderates, like Mona Charen? They are already on board. Or are the messages aimed at American-born Hispanics? If they are aimed at fractious conservatives, I would think that a less condescending approach would be more fruitful.

The group’s name, ‘America’s Majority’, is dishonest and manipulative. They say outright that the majority of Americans favor amnesty, and they imply that talk radio extremists worked the rednecks and yokels up to oppose it and thwart the will of the pro-amnesty majority. This is all disingenuous, if not outright mendacious.


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