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Thursday, October 04, 2007

Azatlan? Wait just a damn minute!

Remember a few years back how some blacks decided they wanted reparations for slavery? It turned out some of the ones wanting dollars for abused ancestors came from the wrong side of Africa. In other words, where no slaving vessels ventured. Their claim wasn’t based on ancestral suffering at America’s hand, but only on race.

The same is true of our neighbors south of the border who claim the US Southwest is free territory because a few Indians from Mexico once lived there. Think about our own native American tribes. The Cherokee, Sioux, Navajo, all of them, had little in common. Not culture, looks, speech, spiritual or community beliefs.

Now, some of these folks come in and claim the same right who are from the south part of Mexico and El Salvador, Columbia and points south. No one, ever remotely related to these folks EVER lived in our USA South West. Those that did, congregated with the Spanish Missions and stayed in the United States as citizens and I can assure you their children never returned to Mexico!

On the other hand, how about our ancestors who once lived in Mexico. How many of us are part Cherokee? Millions. Did you know that Sequoyah, the man who created the Cherokee Alphabet, is believed to be buried in Mexico? Well, Cousins? Perhaps we should go south and take "OUR" country back.

Does it get any more insane than this???

Must see video! A Marine takes a stand.

“The Marines are at war, America is at the mall” (thanks, kellyinla!)
Please contact the usual suspects and stop L. O. S. T!! (another UN NIGHTMARE)


The rest don't seem to want to talk about it.

#13. Do you support the Law of the Sea Treaty? If not, will you revoke it if it passes before you take office?

Hunter: No, in the past I have opposed the Law of the Sea Treaty. I expect that to continue. There are serious issues of sovereignty involved, and as in the past, I have no intention of letting US sovereignty be eroded.

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