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Wednesday, June 20, 2007

FR Poll on Senate Imm. Bill(Results and WHO they are.)

How they voted( and WHO they are.)

Free Republic Opinion Poll: (6/18) What is your opinion of the Senate Immigration Bill?


It's in America's best interest. 1.8% 65 (Illegal Aliens/LaRaza)
It's NOT amnesty. 0.8% 28 (Diane Fienstien and 27 other senators)
It will be great for the economy. 0.4% 15 (The Deadheads)
It's NOT a liberal's wet dream. 0.3% 11 (wideawakes/soundasleeps)
It's NOT a multi-trillion dollar big government boondoggle.
0.2% 6 (Tony Snow & the 5 other loyal W H aids)
It will solve our immigration problems. 0.1% 3 (Bush, Mrs. Bush, Barney)
It will secure our national sovereignty. 0.1% 3 (these don't want sovereignty in the first place-could be terrorists)
It will solve our nat'l security problem. 0.0% 1 (there are 2 people who still believe the Bush Admin. This is one, the hawk.)
It will secure the borders. 0.0% 1 (This is the other one, the religious hypocrite that just won't give up on an his/ her idol)
None of the above. It's an abomination and all Senators that support it should be ran outta Dodge! 96.3% 3,504 (That's the sleeping giant being awakened that someone referred to.:<)
100.0% 3,637 Total votes



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