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Monday, January 15, 2007

Duncan Hunter wins Ariz. GOP insider poll!

Monday, January 15, 2007

By Aaron Bruns
California Rep. Duncan Hunter won a Phoenix, Ariz., straw poll of GOP insiders. Sen. John McCain finished fourth in his home state and was named the most unacceptable presidential candidate.

Maricopa County, Arizona GOP Straw Poll Results

First Choice for Presidential Candidate:
1 Hunter
2 Romney
3 Gingrich
4 McCain
5 Rice
6 Tancredo
7 Giuliani
8 Brownback
9 Huckabee
10 Hagel
11 Barbour
12 Pataki
HUNTER visits New Hampshire!

Hunter pressing to chop long odds of presidential run
San Diego Tribune ^ | 1/15/07

MANCHESTER, N.H. – When the Rev. John Cerrato got the call asking if a congressman named Duncan Hunter could attend services at Cerrato's Baptist church here, he was understandably squeamish about turning his sanctuary into a presidential campaign zoo.

Rep. Duncan Hunter But when the campaign worker on the line assured the pastor that the San Diego-area lawmaker only wanted to worship on a recent Sunday, Cerrato agreed. Besides he'd never heard a whit about this man who is conducting a long-shot bid for the Republican presidential nomination next year.

It was Hunter's first trip to this early-primary election state, a place that tends to quickly separate the presidential wannabes from the contenders, where a respectable primary showing can translate into national name recognition and momentum. At the moment, the congressman is a decided dark horse, having won a mere 1 percent of support from Republican voters in recent national polls.

But Hunter's visit was a sign that he is serious about making a bid.[snip]

“I'm the only conservative candidate in the race,” said Hunter, as he sat in a worn red booth at Pappy's Pizza, a regular stop for presidential hopefuls. “I don't need consultants to give me a conservative image.”

Hunter's waitress at Pappy's Pizza complained privately that candidates come in day after day, hog her tables for hours, then leave piddling tips. But after Hunter and his son got up to leave, and the waitress discovered a $20 tip on her table, she gleefully called after the congressman: “Goodbye, Mr. President.”

Interview with GARY BAUER


Q: Out of the candidates that are mentioned for the White House 08, which one is the most conservative (both fiscal and social)? Why?

A: Probably Rep. Duncan Hunter of California. He’s solid on the right to life, even introducing legislation to overturn Roe v. Wade. He was instrumental in getting a border fence built in Southern California during the Clinton administration and has championed an enforcement first approach to immigration reform. As a veteran and former chairman of the House Armed Services Committee, he has a unique understanding of the post-9/11 world we are facing and he has had the courage to challenge the conventional wisdom regarding trade with communist China.


Duncan Hunter, a California Congressman, was the former chairman of the House Armed Services Committee. He opposes amnesty for illegals and receives a grade of B+ by ABI. He is pro-life, pro-values, and pro-religion. He also is a harsh critic of free trade and our trade deficit, which could be his selling point. He currently has a son, a Lieutenant in the Marines, serving in Iraq. "


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