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Thursday, October 12, 2006

Here he goes again!Lead, follow or get out of the way!

Good words today and facts from Mike Cutler, former INS agent who testifies before congress and appears on many news commentaries.

Here he goes again!
President Bush is once again linking the fence he is promising to build with a guest worker amnesty program. I have addressed this issue many times but I am compelled to make it clear that a guest worker amnesty program makes absolutely zero sense!
At present there are millions of illegal aliens living and working illegally in the United States. We are absolutely clueless as to their true identities and to think that the agency that has proven itself to he utterly inept at creating a system that possesses even a shred of integrity where the immigration benefits program is concerned cannot seriously expect that under the avalanche of applications for a guest worker program that would surely result from such an amnesty program would suddenly be capable of pulling off the magic act of all times, the ability to know the true identities of these millions of illegal aliens and to also determine with any degree of certainty when they truly entered the United States, represents a leap of faith that borders on the insane! The simple truth is that there is absolutely no way that our government could effectively vet the millions of applications that would undoubtedly be filed by the millions of aliens who would apply for such a guest worker amnesty program. We would not be able to determine whether or not the names that they would claim to be theirs were truly their names. Additionally, there would be no meaningful way to determine when they actually entered the United States. This is a critical issue because it would be easy for illegal aliens to falsely claim to have been physically present in the United Sates for the required period of time to be eligible to participate in the program. Since there is no door America could shut, our nation would undoubtedly be inundated by millions of additional illegal aliens he would enter our country illegally in order to acquire legal status to which they would not be, in fact, entitled. T.J. Bonner is the president of the Border Patrol Council, the organization that represents the more than 10,000 Border Patrol agents who stand watch on our nation's borders. He and I have testified before Congressional hearings together on occasion. I recall that at one such hearing, he stated that when the President made a speech promising a guest worker amnesty program, the next day the number of apprehensions by the Border Patrol soared dramatically and many of the aliens who were caught asked about the program the President talked about! Clearly, these people are paying attention!
The amnesty program that was created in 1986 was tiny compared with the program that the President and the other supporters of a guest worker amnesty program would implement today. That program was disastrous and should be seen as a lesson on what not to do. Besides the fact that the program of 1986 was also rife with fraud and rewarded aliens for violating our laws, it encouraged the greatest influx of illegal aliens in the history of our nation. Today this issue should be seen as the potential threat to national security that it would become. It would be a simple matter of terrorists to show up at immigration offices around the United States, provide a false name and then walk away with a freshly issued identity document that could be used as a "breeder" document, enabling the bearer to then obtain a driver's license, and a Social Security Number that would make it easy to open bank accounts and create a brand new fictitious identity that would enable terrorists to circumvent the various terrorist watch lists as well as the so-called "No-Fly" list and gain access to all sorts of employment and venues around the United States.
While we would be spending billions of dollars purportedly creating a "gated community" out of the United States, our government would be simultaneously providing terrorists and criminals with the keys to the gate!
The notion that "Illegal aliens do the work Americans won't do is a slap in the face to hard working American citizens by their very own elected "representatives" and politicians! When I spoke before the Executive Board of the International Association of Chiefs of Police in Boston last March, I was surprised to find that one of the other invited speakers was a special assistant to the President. She was quick to make that assertion about the illegal aliens who would do the jobs Americans won't do and my response to her back then is worth considering now. I told her, "I saw the videos of the coal miners who perished in West Virginia about a year ago and those men were all citizens of the United States! Indeed, as long as there are American men and women who will go to work each day in coal mines and steel foundries; as long as their are Americans who will drive garbage trucks and, as we saw on September 11, 2001, voluntarily jump on the back of a fire engine and race into burning towers attempting to save the lives of utter strangers, I would submit that there are no jobs Americans won't take provided that the job pays them enough to support their families!"
The oft-repeated claim that by allowing illegal aliens to work in the United States would free up law enforcement to deal with terrorists is the greatest myth ever perpetrated on the American people! When Robert Mueller, the Director of the FBI has spoken about so-called "Sleeper cells" he is describing aliens who enter the United States either by running our nation's borders or through ports of entry and then embed themselves within our nation, hiding in plain sight among us in communities around the United States. Whenever you read about a terrorism suspect who was arrested by the FBI, you will almost always see a description of the work he or she had been doing up until the time of the arrest. Such terrorism suspects have engaged in doing everything from driving taxi cabs and ice cream trucks to working on used car lots and even teaching in universities. I cannot remember the last time the FBI arrested a terrorism suspect who was on the unemployment line, hiding in a basement or and attic or curled up in a "spider hole" in the ground. They were almost without exception, gainfully employed in the United States- doing the work Americans won't do, plotting to destroy our nation and slaughter our citizens!
Do you know what a terrorist will most likely do two days before he engages in an attack against the country in which he has embedded himself? He will go to work on the job he has held for months or years, hiding in plain sight!
The Civil War was the bloodiest war ever fought by the United States and it nearly tore our nation in two! We have traditionally been taught that the Civil War was about slavery. In point of fact, slavery was about cheap, compliant and exploitable labor! Here we are, roughly 150 later, still battling over a desire for cheap, complaint and exploitable labor! The time has come to bring this madness to an end. A guest worker amnesty program would solve nothing while creating a national security nightmare for our nation at a time that we are waging a war against terrorists.
It is time for our nation to take the "high road" and demand that Mexico and other countries, especially those with which we have trade agreements, provide greater economic opportunity for their own citizens within their own borders, to decrease the numbers of illegal aliens who enter our country and to also create a better standard of living for these impoverished people within their own countries. Such demands should be part of any future trade agreement between this country and the other countries of the world.
Lead, follow or get out of the way!
-michael cutler-

Bush vows to build fence

By Stephen Dinan and Joseph Curl
Published October 12, 2006

President Bush yesterday pledged to follow through on building 698 miles of wall along the U.S.-Mexico border but said that the Department of Homeland Security will decide where and that he wants sensors and cameras to watch the border.
"We're going to do both," Mr. Bush said at a press conference yesterday. "We're just going to make sure that we build it in a spot where it works."
Some fence advocates and members of Congress have questioned Mr. Bush's commitment to fencing. The president yesterday said it is a part of his broader border-security strategy.
"You can't fence the entire border, but what you can do is you can use a combination of fencing and technology to make it easier for the Border Patrol to enforce our border," he said.
Mr. Bush said any solution on the border will also require a guest-worker program, which he said would funnel workers through legal points of entry.
Mr. Bush last week signed the homeland-security spending bill, which includes $1.2 billion for fencing and other infrastructure, such as cameras, vehicle barriers and ground-based radar...........


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