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Wednesday, August 02, 2006

Immigration News You Missed Today!

(Photo: A.E. Araiza / Arizona Daily Star)

--Crossers burying border in garbage - Despite cleanups, trash along smuggling routes piles up faster
AZSTARNET Aug 2, 2006 By Tony Davis
In the Buenos Aires National Wildlife Refuge near Arivaca, No More Deaths volunteer Mark Kelso picks his way through a trash-laden area that is a pickup site for illegal entrants, an illustration of the nearly 25 million pounds of garbage thought to have been dropped in Southern Arizona.
(Some people hire these litterers as house/grounds keepers...Yeah...that's the ticket!)
--Sessions Wins Senate Amendment Funding Border Fence (Good news!)
Source: Times Daily Published: Aug 2, 2006 Author: AP AID=/20060802/APN/608020806&cachetime=5
Alabama Sen. Jeff Sessions won an amendment to a defense appropriations bill Wednesday to spend nearly $2 billion on a 370-mile fence and 461 miles of vehicle barriers along the U.S. border with Mexico.

The Senate adopted the Republican's amendment 94-3. [snip]
(They ARE listening, people, keep calling these Senators! Good for Sessions, he didn’t wait for the White House or his traitorous collegues to stop stalling on decent legislation! Vote ‘em out in ‘o6 ‘cause ‘08 is TOO late!)

(And some "not so good" news....)

Judicial Injustice! Outrage of the DAY!
--Outside an immigration court in Chicago demanding the law not be enforced. Lou Dobbs Tonight/Broken Borders Aired 8/1 and 8/2/06
UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: We're asking for a miracle. We're asking them to postpone the deportation, postpone it until the Congress can pass the law. (AMNESTY!)

Bill Tucker/Cnn: : Their wish was granted. The court ruled that because immigration law might be changed, existing law is meaningless for the 11 who appeared before the court. So the judge granted a stay of deportation for one year.

The 11 were arrested in a massive workplace enforcement action by Immigrations and Customs Enforcement last April in which nearly 1,200 illegal alien employees in 26 states were arrested, all working for the same employer.

The ruling and the logic is disturbing to advocates of the law.

VICTOR CERDA, SIFF & CERDA: Well, the judge's decision is clearly troubling in the sense that to make a decision based on speculation of changes in law really is not what they are paid for. It's not their role. Frankly, their role should be to apply the laws as they stand.

-- Dead Mom Dragged Across Desert
Source: Albuquerque Journal (subscription), NM - 4 hours ago (8/02/06)
immigrants the Hernandezes had been traveling with, and they arrested three men ... to Florida where the woman's husband was living as an undocumented immigrant. ...
(You can imagine, sorry I’m too cheap to pay for the subscription, so that’s all you get!. :<)

--Ex-Border Patrol agent in car with immigrants held
Associated Press Aug. 2, 2006, 7:22AM
LAREDO - A former Border Patrol agent who resigned amid accusations he solicited sex from illegal immigrants was arrested after 11 undocumented people were found in the car he was driving.

William Ferrone was arrested by his former colleagues Friday in Cotulla, the U.S. Border Patrol said in a statement. Border Patrol agents stopped Ferrone after people were seen getting into the car from the side of the highway. Seven immigrants were Mexican and four were Honduran. One immigrant said she was ill and was taken to a hospital for observation.

Ferrone resigned in 2004 after a 26-year-old illegal immigrant said he solicited sexual favors in the back of his patrol car.[snip]

--Documents say brothel used undocumented women
8/2/2006 12:28 PM By: Associated Press
Federal agents say they've broken up brothels in eastern Travis County and the Oklahoma City area that catered mostly to undocumented workers.

Court documents show the brothels were part of a multistate prostitution ring and employed immigrant women as prostitutes. The documents show women from Mexico and Central and South American countries worked in the houses and in some cases reported being held against their will.

Officials say the Travis County brothel was the second in that area run by the same man. They say 34-year-old Juan Balderas-Orosco escaped capture when authorities raided the first one four years ago. [snip]


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