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Monday, August 07, 2006

All Minute Men are Not Created Equal

Aug 7, 2006

This morning Jim Gilchrist was interviewed on the Bill Meyer Show, KMED Radio. Gilchrist, the founder of the MinuteManProject and co-author of " Minutemen: The Battle to Secure America's Borders ", told those interested to contact him and the MMP through the web site only, NOT, which was used by professional fundraisers for his congressional run last year. He said,
"that website has been hijacked and lawyers are working on getting it straightened out".

For over a year the proponents of lax border security and mass illegal immigration have tried every political and media trick they could to discredit the MinuteManProject. You know the ones: The ACLU, LaRaza, Grover Norquist, Harry Reid, John McCain, RINO's, The Catholic Church, shills on internet forums, The President!

According to them, the Minutemen were a bunch of vigilantes, just waiting to bag a "brown" one! NOT one minuteman decided what color the majority of these illegal invaders would be. The MMP is made up of ALL races, religions, ethnicities, just as illegal aliens are.

That dog never did hunt!

The Minutemen proved them all wrong in this year plus at the borders and in their activism across this nation. They have acted with dignity and restraint. Never a reported violent act against an illegal alien, though there have been dozens from the invadersRus crowd against MMP participants, which is ignored and often encouraged.

But those are the tactics they use, race baiting and unproven accusations, because there is no good reason to continue "as usual". Then a few weeks ago, some people on the anti-illegal side started questioning the money handlers surrounding Chris Simcox, founder of Arizona's Civil Defense Corps, which he later changed to MinutemenCivilDefenseCorps after Gilchrist formed the MMP. The two groups were never "one".

There are dozens of totally independent minute men groups under their own leadership across the country. It's a "grass roots" sort of the thing, precisely what corrupt power hates the most. The OBL is now "embellishing" this situation with Simcox, his well known beltway fundraising mechanism and his "security fence" in yet another attempt to dismiss and insult the entire MMP movement by proclaiming that "if one could be tainted, they are all tainted".

YET, they refuse to admit that ignoring the rule of law by allowing as many as 30 million foreign nationals to break into this country with no recourse does taint every immigrant and citizen. The legal ones get to learn yet another language, besides the required English, because one minority demands it and wait for years to immigrate legally. Most naturalized citizens understand how absurd our entire system is. The innocent illegal ones are exploited and abused by the criminal element so rampant in their own societies. They realize all too well that they are merely some rich man's "commodity". Did that look like "appreciation" when millions of them marched and chanted in our streets last spring?

The irony is so thick you could wall up the entire border with it.

In 2004, the minute man project was an idea created by Jim Gilchrist, Californian, retired CPA, US Veteran. The concept was given voice in late 2004 on KDWN Radio, from Las Vegas on the Wake Up America Show with Mark Edwards, with Jim calling in as a concerned citizen, recognizing the country and government and rule of law are at a breaking point over uncontrolled and often encouraged illegal immigration along with the crime, drugs, disease that flow in with them.

Chris Simcox was one of thousands who followed the lead of Jim GilChrist. GilChrist and Simcox are and always have been separate and distinct entities that found a common cause and time. Gilchrist let the big DC PR people Simcox uses help handle his campaign last year and has seen fit to brake free of them since, with the exception of getting his name removed from a web site in their control leftover from the campaign. It doesn't seem like a lot to ask to have final say how and where your own name is used.

But then fairness didn't stop a Latino professor and his crowd from showing up at Jim Gilchrist's home in protest before the MMP ever took place last year.

Some say that Simcox, or the PR conglomerate in charge of his operations, is not keeping promises to construct a security fence on the border with collected donations. Gilchrist and the MMP have never been involved with that project. As Jim said, "we're not fence builders". Time will tell, but to assume the entire MMP is somehow tied to Simcox, et al, is as silly as thinking all republicans love John McCain or George Bush!

The 5 to 10 percent of voters, who constitute the OBL and would squander all that is good about this country by continuing our broken borders, want you to think about one guy in Arizona instead of the 5, 000 to 10,000 aliens illegally entering each and every day in this country. Afraid they might not make the money mismanagement charge stick, they are even calling Simcox a racist again, which has never been demonstrated. They so want to find someone to discredit, when all else fails they yell, "liar!, racist!"

Illegal alien enthusiasts, think about this:

President Bush just made another "mission" accomplished" speech about his 6,000 National guard border patrollers, otherwise known as his carrot of "enforcement" to hide the stick of amnesty.

But there isn't 6,000 and they aren't protecting the border. Would he lie???


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