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Thursday, May 04, 2006

So, What do you feed Your Demon?

So, What do you feed Your Demon?

To the dismay of most of you, I feed mine tobacco. He's a greedy little bugger, but tobacco keeps him happy and in check. He otherwise leaves me alone to to be a productive, decent citizen.

Yes, he'll probably be the death of me one day.

Some folks eat way too much. That'll kill 'em too. Demons love sweets and getting his host fat so others can't see the demon inside.

Some fill the emptiness with perceived persecutions, paranoia or dogma and bigotry until the demon consumes them. Those kind seem to live forever, though the rest of us secretly wish they wouldn't.

Some resort to drugs to ignore their demon. And the demon teaches them a harsh lesson ever time, that he won't be ignored.

Others try to work 18 hours a day to mask their demon. These people wind up divorced with their children raised in "extended" families. The demon is the only winner here.

So, my friend, what do you feed your demon?


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