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Wednesday, January 18, 2006

“A Spoon Full of Enforcement makes the Amnesty Go Down!"

“A Spoon Full of Enforcement makes the Amnesty Go Down!"

TownCrier Editorial

Those were the words of Mark Kirkorian with the Center for Immigration Studies as he described the fate of HR 4437, the immigration enforcement bill recently passed by the House of Representatives. Many have faced the fact that this good start legislation will be watered down, sliced, diced and embellished with a “guest worker” amnesty for as many as 20 million illegal aliens living in this country.

We should all be at the offices of our Senators, protesting and demanding, yes, DEMANDING (you know, like Mexico demands we give them carte blanche to our nation) that HR4437 be kept intact with NO guest worker/amnesty to please the senators’ big campaign donors and the whining special interests of illegal aliens.

But for many reasons, perhaps finances, health, age or apathy, most of us will not show up. The Minutemen and their supporters will, as they always do. Freedom isn’t free, people, it’s time to stand up and be counted. The opposition is in full force, doing a country wide sweep with an end protest in Washington, D.C. in February before the Senate votes on this vital legislation.

If millions of illegal border jumpers are given full US rights by this senate, the face of this country changes, forever. And there will be no one to blame but us.

Please, write, call and visit your Senator. You need to let your representative in the house know you expect him to fight for HR4437 with no guest worker provisions or you will do all you can to stop his reelection this fall.

The Senate will destroy this bill if you let them, aided by the corruption in the House of Representatives. Below are hard working, dedicated and well organized groups where you can instantly contact your congresspeople. Don’t let Grover Norquist and his CFR globalist com padres win again. They did this same thing in 1997 when they demonized Sen. Alan Simpson with lies of racism, nazism. You’ve all heard them do the same to Tom Tancredo.

The time for waiting for someone else to keep you free and safe is over. Just do it!

Those who show up, rule the world!


Free Faxes on this subject ready to go to your elected officials

Contact your Congressional reps and - Get your local reps closest office and call or visit them. Emails help, but phone calls and visits is what works!

ALIPAC Action Panel -- Congressional Voting Records on Immigration Issues Congressional Voting Records on Immigration Issues ...

And this one, just because they should be busy doing something besides giving the country to Vincente’ Fox and the likes of Jack Abramoff.

Contacting the White House [En Español also]
Mailing Address

The White House
1600 Pennsylvania Avenue NW
Washington, DC 20500

Comments: 202-456-1111
Switchboard: 202-456-1414
FAX: 202-456-2461
Comments: 202-456-6213
Visitors Office: 202-456-2121
President George W. Bush:
Vice President Richard Cheney:

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