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Sunday, January 08, 2006


Know thy enemy! Saturday, Jan. 7 a nationwide day of rallys was held by good Americans of all races, religions, political affiliation to protest illegal day labor centers provided by taxpayers.
We sincerely wish that more citizens had shown up to offer support.

Remember, THOSE THAT SHOW UP RULE THE WORLD! If more illegal aliens and their sympathisers attend such events they will continue to rule our government officials and our lives.

SILENCE IS CONSENT! Show up next time to support our brave Americans!

From their website, snips with photos:

"This is some idiot Chinese or Korean descent person who thinks that supporting SOS will make him a "real American". He'll be in for a surprise when the SOS starts concentration camps, they'll invite him to the camp as an inmate. "

Here we are with some Answer Coalition members who came to support our people. Not all Europeans are racist and unjust."

Here are the racists as usual, with their small numbers and low IQ's."

Click on the link below for all the slander and propaganda (and photos!) used by the opposition. Their "friends" include ANSWER, the extreme left wing protest group.


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