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Wednesday, November 09, 2016

JUST WOW! The day after...... The Republic Lives!

 Our new President and VP watching the returns! WHAT a class act..WHAT an Election!   I cannot imagine what politics would be like without Donald J. Trump!

THIS time the dirty tricks of the powers that be didn't work!!! I can't wait until Trump has his first press conference...I hope he does this to 90% of the press pool!  "YOU'RE FIRED!"

IF ANY republican EVER calls Romney a 'good man' again, they need their head handed to them!  YOU RINO sell out SOB's!     DO YOU HEAR US NOW????

Riddle me this….
I'm trying to make sense of something I keep hearing….The media repeats over and over that Trump got elected by uneducated people.
Now, we all know the welfare/foriegn born groups voted Hillary. Does that mean they are better educated than non welfare 'uneducated' people who voted for Trump? It must! So, if they are SO smart and SO well educated, why the HELL are they on welfare? The media and all gov't stats tell us both of those groups are not as well educated...SO WHICH IS tired of the opposition trying to have it both ways.

He who laughs last, laughs best.....  The man is a genius.   You watched history being made last night!


Donald J. Trump, who will now be forever known as #45.
Oh, yeah!!!

There was nothing like it!  My dad had one he slept with.  Fourth of July always ended with my sister and I getting to shoot that thing...POWERFUL.    Somehow you just didn't worry about outside problems with that .45 in the house.

God Bless America. God Bless President Elect Trump.
It's been my pleasure!


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