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Thursday, September 08, 2016

Has anyone been checking their spam on Gmail accounts?

Has anyone been checking their spam on Gmail accounts?

 It’s something I rarely do, but just did.   Most stuff from Trump was in there, along with several others who are Trump supporters. Things I signed up for. Google is really putting themselves into this election. They did something similar for John McCain with searches in 2008 and 2010.

So the entire internet...Google, FB, Twitter...all that crap is pro Globalism first/Hillary.... if acedemia, hollywood and the media weren't enough.

Here is the scoop on how McCain did it.
Sunday, August 22, 2010
John McCain - the WORST Senator money can buy!

[snip]   Here’s another thing...he has purchased relevant keywords on the net, so no matter what you’re looking for you get his campaign websites.
The Search For A Candidate (from the pres primary, 2008)
[snip]McCain’s people say that every dollar they spend on online search advertising brings in three or four bucks.
The national polls don’t reflect it, but in one sense John McCain is the clear front runner in the presidential race: he leads in search-engine ads. When you type McCain’s name into Google, alongside or above the standard search results you’ll always get a text ad—a “sponsored link”—that leads you to a Web site soliciting campaign contributions for the Arizona senator. What happens when you type “Giuliani” into Google? You get a paid link to the former New York mayor’s site. But you also get a McCain ad.
The other obvious search words involve search terms people use when researching specific issues. Here again, McCain is busy; his people say that at various times they’ve bought 10,000 different words. Giuliani pops up with “flat tax” and “illegal immigrant.” But when I tried “universal health care,” nothing from any candidate came up. Vary it a little by typing “health care reform” and you get a paid link to … John McCain




This is the rally Trump held in the same state as Hillary on the same day this week.

This is Hillary's rally, and the GYM she held it in......



Clinton served on the Watergate investigation committee...she wanted to deny ANY legal representation for Nixon if he was impeached...HE WASN'T, but BILL CLINTON was, and Hillary sure changed her tune then, didn't she??


Image result for Hillary watergateImage result for Hillary watergate 


 Yesterday, Limbaugh was talking about Goldman/Sachs new prohibition against it’s employees/associates contributing to the Trump/Pence campaign.

THERE is your TED CRUZ! Goldman gave him fundraisers, contributions, LOANS and his wife was a big honcho with them. That tells you all you need to know about LYIN’ TED!
 Goldman would have NEVER backed him unless he voted TPP and AMNESTY!   
Now we hear he is encouraging a campaign on FaceBook for his blind supporters to write him damage Trump. Thanks for NOTHING, Mark Levin!
I can’t believe anyone has the nerve to say anything good about this foreign born con man!
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