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Thursday, December 17, 2015

MORE GOP/NRCC dirty Tricks and Ted Cruz, Government Lawyer

Do you remember when TTC told you about Oregon Cong. Greg Walden insisting that they 'don't get involved in presidential races' and don't solicit Trump supporters when they were caught selling counterfeit campaign gear?
 Yet….here they are on Dec. 7 -16, 2015.  Take a look below.
 When you hit their link, you give your email and then you get hit with the bogus ‪#‎Trump‬ gear scam! Don't you LOVE being used by the GOP to finance their incumbent RINOS!   Try it!
National Republican Congressional Committee
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The race to the White House has already begun. Be the first to make your voice heard in the National Republican Congressional Committee’s official 2016 Presidential Straw Poll.
Now, you could tell Cong. Walden what you think, but he's kinda busy today passing Obama/Ryan's FUND IT ALL budget!    

Headline: Cruz, Rubio miss chance to fight massive budget bill  Dec. 17, 2015

Paying them to campaign while we get sold out! If they don't do THIS job in the Senate, why should I believe either would do a job as president? Shades of Obama!

"As the presidential hopefuls were on the road campaigning, Mitch McConnell pounced."

Ted Cruz Resume....Government lawyer!
Cruz is sneaky. He's a typical trained lawyer who will do or say anything to cover his lying butt. He's flopped on so much stuff in this election and hijacked ‪#‎Trump‬'s issues/positions.
 He has never been anything but a GOVERNMENT LAWYER who uses us to pay his salary while he campaigns and ignores his FIRST term senate job...just like Obama did. He lost me when he wouldn't renounce his Canadian CITIZENSHIP until he ran for president.  The fact the he and his wife worked for GW Bush is no resume enhancement.
Cruz is part of the NRSC. They and the House republicans have been scamming Trump supporters. This needs exposed! The NRSC & and NRCC are two of the groups pushing this brokered convention crap.
I'm trying to figure out how Ted made so much personal $$ while serving as a Senator...errr...part time Senator, while he campaigns...more shades of Barak Obama.
May 22, 2013 - Freshman Sen. Ted Cruz (R-Texas), another potential presidential candidate in 2016, reported a net worth of $1.5 million for 2012 
Sen. Ted Cruz (R-Tex.), whose financial disclosure forms were also released Monday, listed assets between $2.4 and $4.7 million
When will Cruz denounce these nasty republican tactics?
 Interesting read: 
SHOCK: Cruz’s Oil funded Campaign: to end Iowa Ethanol Industry
Today Cruz and Rubio forces are fighting about who supported 'AMNESTY'...well they BOTH DID.
Now,  TTC has NEVER said Ted Cruz endorsed or voted for a 'path to citizenship'.   He didn't.  
That was Rubio!
Cruz wanted to legalize all illegal aliens and THAT is still amnesty.  You've been shown a dozen times HE SAID it and pushed an amendment to LEGALIZE THEM.
THIS is the kind of BS Lawyer CLINTON gave, is, is is is???  WTH??? STOP it!
Classic article! Don't let lawyers & Media fool with our words!

"Politicians and the mainstream media often use code phrases to refer to amnesty for illegal aliens, such as "legalization for undocumented immigrants", "earned legal status", "earned path to citizenship", "pathway to citizenship", "comprehensive immigration reform", and "legal status for illegal immigrants". Terminology is used to obscure the issue.

Indeed, the first objective of incremental amnesty proponents is basic legalization of illegal aliens. Even though a full amnesty may not be granted, allowing illegal aliens to live, go to school, and work in the United States - legally - achieves the fundamental objective of giving illegal aliens legal status. Thus, when questioning elected public servants on their position on amnesty, one must really ask them for their position on legalization for illegal aliens in order to get a definitive reply." 

America: $1.1 Trillion, 2,000-Plus Page Omnibus Bill Funds ‘Fundamental Transformation of America’


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