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Monday, November 16, 2015

These refugees will NOT be vetted & News you missed

These refugees will NOT be vetted.

 First,  they are setting up 'interview' places OVER THERE. This is how the 9/11 hijackers got in...they let Saudi Arabia decide who to send.   Clinton started that stupid practice.
 Mike Cutler, former INS agent tells a story about USCIS, the agency who 'vets' immigrants:

" Look, last year U.S. CIS, the division of DHS that gives out citizenship and immigration benefits, claimed that they lost -- are you ready for this -- 111,000 immigration files and then went ahead and naturalized 30,000 aliens without their files. "

That's how your government clears these entrants and remember this.......
France 'vetted' their migrants,  too!

I've done background checks.
 Some fool actually said today, 'just check the data bases.....'
DATA BASES??? THEY don't have toilets! They're being bombed!  Those governments hate us!
There is NO way to vet these people in that war torn backward hell hole...
"Hello, this is the US Dept. of Homeland Security calling SYRIA, please send us 200,000 files with complete records of................Hello???Hello????"


IF Conservative Review (MARK LEVIN!) were HONEST they'd get rid of that phony chart of 'conservative candidate''s a hit piece on ‪‎Trump and INCORRECT and we need to tell them we noticed their obvious errors! 
BTW, MR. Levin, do not presume to know what kind of Americans we 'bloggers' are.  You haven't listened to any reason or facts yet, why should you be right about us?  For 15 years I tried to tell you what was coming because of our corrupt immigration system and was called a racist and you coddled the K ST cronies who called us names.  Now you rant more bluntly than I ever did. You need to learn how to listen.
 You were wrong about Rubio and you're wrong about Cruz and I think you know it because you kick everyone  off your forums who disagrees.   I'm giving you the benefit of the doubt. It can only be one of two things....ignorance or corruption.  Only Mark Levin knows. 
It is amazing what people can accomplish when they get their EGOS out of the way and don't care who gets credit or makes a dollar.  WE don't have time for either anymore.    I've never charged anyone a cent for my activism...can you say the same?

Here Cruz calls Jeff Sessions a liar about TPP...which Cruz PUSHED and voted for TPA to give Obama fast track so he could bypass the LEGAL 60 votes of the Senate needed for any treaty!
 Sen. Ted Cruz is trying to win over conservatives who are critical of his support of trade legislation.
"Kuhner asked Cruz about claims from Sen. Jeff Sessions, R-Ala., that TPP gives foreign bureaucrats power to trump the U.S government. Cruz called that inaccurate....
In a similar interview with Hewitt on Thursday, Cruz blamed a flood of Internet “misinformation” for public resistance. Cruz’s campaign also published, “A Note to Conservatives on Trade Agreements,” a guide to understanding the senator’s stances.
This landed Cruz in the crosshairs of Breitbart, the powerful conservative blog that typically sings the senator’s praises.
Breitbart claims Rep. Paul Ryan and Speaker John Boehner are using Cruz to support “Obamatrade,” the blog’s nickname for fast track and TPP.
Cruz teamed up with Ryan in April on a Wall Street Journal op-ed supporting fast track and insisting the legislation ensures Congress gets a final say.
“That Cruz would use the same talking points as him is interesting and probably disappointing to many conservatives,” wrote Breitbart’s Matthew Boyle.


High Fructose Corn Syrup is cheap and the stuff will kill ya!  But BIG Sugar pays BIG $$$$ to keep it in your food!

Someone needs to give those racist CRYBULLIES and their enablers at our universities some FBI FACTS and tell them to SHUT UP...who is being persecuted here??

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