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Tuesday, November 03, 2015


AND HOW!!!  TTC has been ranting about this for years! It's not that difficult!
ONE more time! TEA Party Express is PRO AMNESTY, K St. Lobbyists who have hijacked the Tea Party effort for their own agenda!   FOLLOW THE $$$!

 Headline:  Nov. 3, 2015   -  Senator Marco Rubio – Tea Party Choice for Vice-President
                   Congressmen Paul Ryan ...... Strong Tea Party Favorites

Seriously...WHO do you know who supports Marco Rubio for anything??? NO ONE!  Paul Ryan..give me a break! 
   No one other than a bunch of open border/cheap labor bought and paid for lobbyists, that's WHO!

AS we have told you before.....Ryan and Rubio are a two headed Trojan Horse!
It's all about immigration and bad trade, like TPP.   Jim Demint even supports Paul Ryan. So does Newt!  DeMint was fading more and more and went to work for Heritage. Heritage's head economist is Steven Moore, open border hack who along with Norquist & Cesar Conda destroyed Prop. 187 in Ca. We have no institutions left fighting this!  Do you understand?  They've all been compromised!   ‪
Trump‬ is in this alone, except for Jeff Sessions in DC.
 Ryan was hand picked for DC Politics and mentored by  Cesar Conda, open border, free traitor lobbyist who happens to be chief of staff for....MARCO in the house, one in the senate...double Trojan horse!  Don't put one of them into the White House! 

They also call themselves Our Country Pac.   Notice there is no objection to amnesty anywhere!


Tuesday, May 07, 2013

SILENCE IS CONSENT! TEAPARTY or not the TEAPARTY...that is the question!

But HOW 'neutral' have they really been? Let's look at the past....

[snip]Echoing a diverse chorus of Republican voices, Kremer (Speaking for TEA PARTY EXPRESS) cited changing demographics and the need to address immigration reform, though the fiscally focused Tea Party Express doesn’t take a position on immigration policy, Kremer said. She also said that the party needed to be more aggressive in promoting its message.  So, they did this instead:   Headline: 

Tea Party Express Considering Latino-Focused Bus Tour


Sal Russo, co-founder of Tea Party Express, the political action committee that sponsored Rand Paul's response to President Obama's State of the Union address, said that his group was considering a nationwide bus tour specifically focused on the Latino community.


TPE isn't the only one to hijack the name.  This one works with Grover Norquist and CPAC to push cheap foreign labor and islamopandering.


Saturday, March 09, 2013

All Tea Party groups are NOT created equal! BEWARE!

By now conservatives ought to know they will be used by a bunch of political hacks at any opportunity, just like the left deceives blacks, hispanics, women.    I know some of us would like to actually know who and what we are supporting.  Well, there is a 'Tea Party' group out there, who, in my opinion, is only in the game to fund raise and line their pockets and support some people who simply are NOT what the grass roots of the 'Tea Party' believe in.

  Beware of wolves in sheep's clothing, people!

 From what I can find out about the principal players in and The Tea Party News Network and their political action committee Western Representation PAC, they are TOO closely aligned with Grover Norquist to ever be considered as part of 'The Tea Party".  Amnesty, which Norquist has always favored,  is a subject I cannot find addressed in any of their publications.   But, one of their principals, a 'community organizer' by the name of Dustin Stockton penned this last year:

More on this mess! May 19, 2014
Headline:  Tea Party Express leader is all-aboard amnesty train
[snip]  “The Tea Party Express, a PAC run out of Sacramento by longtime Republican consultant Sal Russo, has paid Russo’s firm $2.75 million since the beginning of 2013, while donating just $45,000 to candidates and spending less than $162,000 on ads and bus tours supporting their election...


TTC has been telling you about the NRCC & NRSC scamming Trump supporters by selling bogus Trump gear...NRSC also runs a 'news' outlet called  Conservative Intel.  It is most certainly NOT pro #Trump! 

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