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Sunday, November 01, 2015

National Day of Remembrance for victims of illegal aliens

Warning: GRAPHIC

Today, November 1, 2015, is National Day of Remembrance for victims of illegal aliens.  

 Donald Trump is the ONLY candidate to ever stand with and acknowledge these THOUSANDS of VICTIM families!

Many Trump supporters, like most voters are new to the reality of immigration and what comes across our borders.  Donald Trump is the most educated candidate I've ever seen on this subject.  
 He is right about the 'really bad' people among the drug cartels and organized crime in Mexico.
It is a very unpleasant, stark reality.  Until you actually see it, you might not believe it.  

Last night on our local TV, they tried to find out how many Mexican refugees (not visas, not illegals, but granted refugee asylum) have been settled in our town, because suddenly there was a BUNCH starting school. 

DHS won't tell, but they surveyed the city schools. 160 students with at least 1 parent each. 40 kids to a class is a lot, but that's FOUR new teachers with the BIG expense for each, just for our little city. All with no English, totally dependent. We even have to buy all their schools supplies and they were asking for more donations. THIS is insanity!   A few of them have returned to Mexico...where sadly, most Mexicans trust the cartels more than the government.  

Google it, if you doubt....beheadings, Mexico.   Here are some photos from our old friends at the Retired Border agents website NAFBPO, who chronicled the carnage 'south of the border'.  There are hundreds of these kinds of photos!  Boiling dismembered bodies in acid is another favorite.

The Cartels are big at 'leaving a message' to not cross them....just as they mark graffiti all over our cities. 
 Vacation in CanCun, anyone??  These severed heads were rolled out on the dance floor at a popular nightclub a few years ago. 

Below is the handiwork of the outfits that El Chapo Guzman operates...the guy who reently escaped prison through a tunnel and is threatening to kill Mr. Trump.

CHOIX, SINALOA-  Two men were found beheaded in separate locations, with the head of one placed on his abdomen and the other on a road sign. Hours earlier, another body had been found nearby.

Mexican Drug Cartel Female



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