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Thursday, November 05, 2015

GOP & Media (Politico) want RINO Rubio and will cover his lies about Trump to do it!

Headline:   Rubio knocks Trump for switching stances on immigration

THIS ARTICLE IS A LIE!   We knew Marco Rubio had sold out to the illegal alien lobby LONG ago, but we didn't know he was a flat out liar.
 NASTY people own Rubio.
 Politico is the mouthpiece of the organized crime wing of the GOP, who is happy to publicize the lies of Marco Rubio without the thought of correcting the record.

 Here are the facts of #Trumps prior position IN WRITING:  Trump from "The America We Deserve", 2000   He has always been pro enforcement/anti INVASION!

IMMIGRATION- PROTECTING OUR OWN There's another area of foreign affairs that doesn't get talked about very much, but it is a huge issue: Immigration. America is experiencing serious social and economic difficulty with illegal immigrants who are flooding across our borders. Five million illegals live in this country.

Two million of them live in California. Seven hundred thousand undocumented immigrants live in Texas. We simply can't absorb them. It is a scandal when America cannot control its own borders.

A liberal policy of immigration may seem to reflect confidence and generosity. But our current laxness toward illegal immigration shows a recklessness and disregard for those who live here legally.

Trump, Donald (2000-01-15). The America We Deserve (Kindle Locations 1670-1671). St. Martin's Press. Kindle Edition.

Trump from "Time to Get Tough: Making America #1 Again," 2011

Illegal immigration is a wrecking ball aimed at U.S. taxpayers.
Washington needs to get tough and fight for "We the People," not for the special interests who want cheap labor and a minority voting bloc. Every year taxpayers are getting stuck with a $113 billion bill to pay for the costs of illegal immigration.2 That's a bill we can't afford and wouldn't have to pay if people in Washington did their jobs and upheld our nation's laws.

Trump, Donald J. (2011-12-06). Time to Get Tough: Making America #1 Again (p. 135). Regnery Publishing. Kindle Edition.
This isn't the first time Politico has done misinformation dirty work for the open border lobby and Rubio.  Yesterday we told you about this Politico propaganda for Rubio & Tea Party Express:

Headline:  Exclusive: Politico Misreports Tea Party Support for Immigration Bill 

The Grassroots Tea Party NEVER supported the Gang of 8/Rubio bill. TPE liked it, but wouldn't commit at that time one way or the other.  They certainly never objected to it. 
 In fact, a few months ago, TPE had picked their candidates! 

"“Senator Ted Cruz was the first to announce last week; Senator Rand Paul is announcing tomorrow; and we are expecting Senator Marco Rubio to complete the Tea Party’s 2016 trifecta next week. ....The Tea Party 2016 trifecta will bring important ideas and energy to a country that is yearning for new, conservative leadership,” Russo concluded."

You can find Trumps written policy here:

Immigration Reform That Will Make America Great Again

The three core principles of Donald J. Trump's immigration plan

Rubio and his puppeteers aren't letting up on the lies!~
This morning Rubio and his media are promoting his latest lie that Trump has gone bankrupt FOUR times! 
"I find it ironic that the only person running for president that's ever declared a bankruptcy, four times in the last 25 years, is attacking anyone's finances," Rubio told CNN when asked about the feud."
Donald Trump has NEVER filed personal bankruptcy!   FACTS matter, but not to the open border crowd!  As someone who has worked for decades in this field, I know what a Chapter 11 Bko is...and so does the lying Rubio campaign.  It is reorganization..the creditors get paid!

Law Dictionary: How is Donald Trump Able to File for Bankruptcy So Many Times?

Written by James Hirby | Fact checked by The Law Dictionary staff  

People might ask "How is Donald Trump able to file for bankruptcy so many times?" The answer is "He didn't." Trump himself has never filed for bankruptcy. His corporations have filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy four times.   By filing for Chapter 11 bankruptcy, the corporation is allowed to continue running while restructuring and reducing its debt. By allowing the business to continue, employees still have their jobs and the business is still making money. Corporate debts still need to be repaid but they may be reduced. The corporation must develop a repayment plan and corporate budget. Both must be approved by the creditors and by the bankruptcy court.

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