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Thursday, October 29, 2015

Trump is the ONLY candidate who is actually following the RNC platform!

 Donald Trump is the ONLY candidate who is actually following the RNC platform!
"amnesty only rewards, encourages lawbreaking."

Trump called Kasich out on his involvement with the bailed out Lehman Bros. at last night's debate.   Kasich insisted he NEVER worked with or for them!   Kasich lied! "Kasich joined Lehman's investment banking division as managing director in 2001, working there until the firm's collapse in September 2008 unleashed global panic and served as the catalyst for the financial crisis.".............

John Kasich's Wall Street ties could haunt 2016 bid -
Thank you, Gov. Huckabee, that was a classy thing to do.  We didn't see much of that!

Get ready for it! Now the 3rd debate (  if you still call that CNBC sham a debate!) is over.
 The corrupt GOP $$$ will be behind Rubio!
The Club for growth supports every candidate we don't want. It's all about immigration and bad trade, like TPP. Jim Demint even supports Ryan. He was fading more and more and went to work for Heritage. Heritage's head economist is Steven Moore, open border hack who along with Norquist & Cesar Conda destroyed Prop. 187 in Ca. We have no institutions left fighting this. ‪#‎Trump‬ is in this alone, except for Sessions. Ryan was hand picked for DC Politics by one Cesar Conda, open border, free traitor lobbyist who happens to be chief of staff for....MARCO in the house, one in the senate...double Trojan horse!

Breaking news.....This ROTTEN House of Reps just elected Paul Ryan as speaker. they are...the ones who were brave enough to vote against him......the ONLY ones worth keeping in the House of Reps!
Reps. Dave Brat (R., Va.), Curtis J. Clawson (R-Fla.), Louie Gohmert (R., Texas), Paul A. Gosar (R., Ariz.), Walter B. Jones (R., N.C.), Thomas Massie (R., Ky.), Bill Posey (R., Fla.), Randy Weber (R., Tex.) and Ted Yoho (R., Fla.).

Know who in the GOP led the fight to build that mosque? Mr Amnesty/free traitor/Islamopandering Grover Norquist, his Muslim wife and Suhail Khan, both who run the ACU and CPAC. These are the people behind Club for Growth..most of the funding against ‪#‎Trump‬. Know your enemies!…/odd-connections-of-some-gop-bac…/
Hat tip to our #Trump supporter on FB  Sandy Schneider for this great meme!

People must be tired of me saying this, but NOTHING changes until we confront this media! They are the first line defense for Hillary, Obama, The rotten GOP, all that is wrong! We should be in EVERY city, in front of every news affiliate, handing out REAL news, REAL facts until they decide to do their jobs! If nothing else, print ‪#Trump‬'s positions, leave them at the Dr. office, give them to your SOMETHING! Not everyone is on the internet.   TTC

I know it's hard to let go of things/people we have supported in the past, but you have to face, this GOP is as ROTTEN as it gets! Other than Jeff Sessions, I don't see anyone in DC politics who isn't out to get #Trump and make $$$ off it at the same time. #Trump understands how pervasive this is. He needs you to understand it too. And it's bad. GOPCon Men are using Trump for their own agenda's! WHO is Scott B. MacKenzie????

The GOP is hopelessly corrupt. Do you understand the Senate & the House Republicans are fundraising on #Trump's name by tricking #Trump supporters! Expose these criminals!

The two big reasons I like Trump

#1 He's NOT a lawyer!
#2 Trump is the only candidate who can take out both the Clinton & Bush dynasties at the same time while forcing the RNC to follow it's own platform. Let me know when another candidate can do that!

 Buy only from the authorized campaign! Buying from the retailers hurts the campaign! They are often not ‪#‎Trump‬ supporters! They have been told by #Trump to STOP selling fake #Trump gear!

DO NOT sign this! THIS is the GOP outfit who, under GREG WALDEN, is selling ‪#‎Trump‬ gear to fool his supporters into thinking the $$$ goes to Trump. IT DOES not! NOT one cent!   The FEC can sing all day that this is 'legal', but I know THEFT when I see it and so does Donald ‪‎Trump‬. Of ALL those righteous candidates like Cruz...not ONE...NOT ONE ever brought up these scams that have gone on for years...this is what took out the last candidacy of Allen West. BTW..the FEC members are picked by party leaders...BOTH SIDES are corrupt and Trump is out there alone and the ONLY one shedding light on these SOB's...GREG WALDEN is one of them, heading the NRCC, selling #Trump gear to fund more RINOS in the house! Do you understand...these pacs collect contributions in #Trump's name and NONE of the $$$ goes toward his campaign.!…/greg-walden-denies-nrcc…
[snip]This morning on The Bill Meyer Radio Show, Bill asked Cong. Greg Walden about his NRCC Trump supporter scam. He flat denied it...said they never get into prez politics...well..they are NOT supposed to! Here are the email addresses....and one from Greg himself...all the same email, all the links go to NRCC! The GOP leadership is in DEEP trouble! And we are if we keep putting up with this nonsense.

Join us in standing with our new speaker and a fresh vision for getting things done in Washington.

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Anonymous sandyaschneider said...

I created the MEME about Donald Trumps Crusade & posted it this morning.. glad to see it get more good use

11:07 AM  
Blogger TheTownCrier said...

There you are! I couldn't find the post you made to me this morning, I've looked for hours! lol! Did you remove it? I couldn't remember your name, but finally found it! Thank you!

4:12 PM  
Blogger Kathy Mills said...

I LOVE your articles!!! By sharing them on my FB page, does that mean that I will get future articles? I don't see a "like" or "join" option.

4:10 PM  

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