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Thursday, October 08, 2015

TRUMP campaign MONEY BOMB Oct. 15th & other campaign news

Thurs. OCT. 15th!

Donate $5.00 to $50.00 on October 15th or as much as you want. Trump has never asked us for anything..we have to help him fight this corrupt machine. 
Please share on all Trump FB , Twitter, Instagram groups. Let's make a huge splash of support. He is getting ready to spend $20 million on television ads in the next phase of his campaign. Let's help them pay for it but more importantly show our support.

The best thing about Donald Trump is that he isn't afraid to shed the light on the traitors!  We must do the same.    Here's one that Trump supporters are being fooled by.   Tea Party Express is not the grass roots Tea party...they are lobbyists using the name to fool conservatives...notice no objection to amnesty anywhere!? 
Notice NO support for #Trump anywhere?
 Notice they do 'like' Rubio???
Here is their background:
and their FB page:
DO not buy any gear except from the #TRUMP website. It takes $ from his campaign when you do! He is suing outfits who use his name/likeness!
Donald Trump is the ONLY candidate who EVER met with the families of victims of illegal aliens.

In 1988 Donald Trump was interviewed by CNN's Larry King and NBC's Chris Wallace , at the Republican National Convention.
Trump was introduced on NBC as being a "conservative," and had a very interesting interview where he praised George H. W. Bush, saying that he would make a great President. On NBC, it was revealed by Tom Brokaw that Trump had prospered greatly from the Reagan years, which explains why Trump is such a fan of fiscal conservatism. It was Reaganomics that helped Trump find the American Dream.
While Trump identified as a conservative back in 1988, he tried to remain moderate, as you could tell in the NBC interview. The reason for this was because as a businessman, he had both republican and democratic customers; therefore, it was his job to remain moderate.
While Trump said that he was a conservative in 1988, he didn't appear to be that involved in politics. He even stated that the reason why he attended the RNC in 88, was because he personally knew George Bush, and wanted to be there to just support him. From the interviews, you can sense that Trump was curious about politics, but not fully knowledgeable about the issues. That could explain why for a short period of time in the 90's he considered himself a moderate democrat. He was in the process of exploring who he actually was.
After witnessing the failures that have occurred due to liberal policies, and Trump being more observant of what is occurring in politics in recent years, it is safe to say that Trump is a conservative, because now he is publicly taking a partisan position.

BEN CARSON.....not ready for prime time!

Carson has the Michael Brown/Ferguson thing ass backwards! Carson gave an interview to the Post-Dispatch on Friday afternoon after visiting Ferguson. When asked if he would have shot Brown if he were in Wilson’s shoes, Carson said: “It’s hard to say. I probably, knowing who he was, I probably just would have arrested him.”
Carson said he would have waited for backup before having the altercation." DUH!!!!


MARCO we haven't warned you enough about this poser?
Well, it gets worse....this week it came out that Marco is most absent for votes in the Senate...Two others have held that distinction..Barak Obama and John McCain.....
Check out what someone is McCain on 3 of this Islamopandering missions.
That first one....with Lindsey Graham in Libya recently...and who is that..MARCO RUBIO!!!
BIRDS of a feather, people!  
Who owns Marco?  The same people who own FioRino, Bush, Paul & TED CRUZ.  THE TTC has told you before, there is Nothing conservative about the Koch Bros.


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how do you share this on FB?

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Hi! Just copy and paste the url.

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