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Wednesday, October 07, 2015

GOPCon Men are using Trump for their own agenda's! WHO is Scott B. MacKenzie????

TTC told you here about the NRCC...National Republican Congressional Committee using fake Trump gear to fool his supporters into sending them $$$ instead of Trump!
 Not to be outdone, the NRSC, The Senate did the same thing.
 Today I get an email from,
 NRSC ,   with yet a new wrinkle.  The GOP fundraising machine is a pit of vipers!
I've told you why I support Donald Trump, the only candidate who will make America great again.
The others just want to manage our decline.
Please join me in supporting Patriots For Trump as we build support in the early contests held in Iowa and New Hampshire.
Your support is critical as we work to identify Trump supporters in those early states and get them to the Iowa Caucus on February 1st and the New Hampshire Primary on February 9th.
Thank You & God Bless America,

Scott B. Mackenzie
Chairman, Patriots For Trump
PS - Please click here to contribute today so Patriots For Trump can continue our work.
Way down at the bottom, you find this:   Paid for by Patriots for Trump (
Patriots for Trump is a political committee registered with Federal Election Commission and has been established to support the candidacy of Donald Trump for President. The Committee is not authorized by any candidate or candidate's committee.

SO!! WHO IS SCOTT B. Mackenzie??  He's a con man, opportunist, Lobbyist who makes a living ripping you conservatives off!  From the NY TIMES  May, 2014:

A Mysterious Republican Committee in the Virgin Islands

There are a few things you should know about the Virgin Islands Republican Party: It has no full-time staff, has not had regular meetings for nearly two years, and only about 4 percent of the $200,000 it has raised since last fall has gone to party coffers......(go take a look at the $$$ they conned you out of and spent on themselves!)
The Virgin Islands committee spends the overwhelming bulk of its money not for basic political activities like voter registration or party messages, but to raise more money. A few other conservative political committees employ this technique, and the biggest beneficiaries are a number of fund-raising companies in Northern Virginia.    The VIGOP committee is different from other state party committees in several respects. First, it appears to raise no significant money from the territory, whereas most state parties depend on in-state support from individual donors. Second, it has no local bank account listed on its registration form, and the same person — Mr. MacKenzie — is listed as both the custodian of the committee’s records and its treasurer. Third, no Virgin Islander is listed on the committee’s forms.
It gets worse!!  From the Washington Examiner, April 2014

FEC says it's powerless against 'scam' PACs that may have cost Allen West his seat

( and now they're trying to do it to Donald Trump!! Don't let them!)

 Political operatives are profiting by using misleading pleas to raise money from people who think they're giving to well-known candidates who don't actually benefit at all.
Their donors are often elderly retirees, campaign finance records show.  ( That's me!)
West lost the race by a narrow margin, meaning if those dollars could have been used by the campaign, it might have helped keep him in office.   There is “little doubt that the Respondent sought to use Representative West's likeness to raise funds independently to support his candidacy. Moreover, it appears that the Respondent spent very little of the money it raised to support West," FEC officials wrote in an opinion.
The four PACs raised $14.3 million in 2012. Not all of that is attributable to fundraising that invoked West’s name, but their figures for legitimate advocacy on behalf of other candidates are similarly dismal.
Have they not heard that Donald Trump is suing dishonest outfits for stealing HIS name and labels!
 These con artists have finally met their match!!!!
For at least three presidential election cycles, savvy Internet marketers have cashed in on the public's hunger for campaign paraphernalia emblazoned with their favorite candidate's name, likeness and slogan. These sales channels operate independently of the actual campaigns, meaning the candidates' coffers don't see any money from these sales.
But this year, Donald Trump's organization is sending cease-and-desist letters to such online marketing outfits, warning them that use of Trump's name, likeness and trademarked slogan -- "Make America Great Again" -- are illegal infringements on Trump's trademark rights.

I hope Mr. TRUMP  sues all of them, including the GOP House and Senate!
We will list these con artists as we find them, here are a couple more! DO NOT buy anything or send $ except to the campaign.This is the only URL you should use!

RUN from these!  (this is Tea Party Express...PRO AMNESTY! PRO TPP!)

UPDATE: This morning on The Bill Meyer Radio Show, Bill asked Cong. Greg Walden about his NRCC Trump supporter scam.  He flat denied it...said they never get into prez politics...well..they are NOT supposed to!  Here are the email addresses....and one from Greg himself...all the same email, all the links go to NRCC!

from:  Debate Results <>  Thu, Sep 17, 2015 at 9:03 AM
to:  ""

from:   Mary <>  Sat, Sep 19, 2015 at 5:08 PM
to:   ""

from:  Greg Walden <>  Mon, Sep 28, 2015 at 11:00 AM

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