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Sunday, July 05, 2015

Silence IS Consent - Ted Cruz dodges the amnesty question

This morning on the NBC talking head propaganda show, Meet the Press,
Chuckie Todd must have ask Ted Cruz a dozen times..."But, WHAT would YOU do about the ? Million illegal aliens here?".........

And Ted refused to answer, repeating his old 'secure the border first' mantra and insisting we 'deal' with it when that is other words....AMNESTY!! DUH!~!! Wake up, people!  Cruz is just another Bush appointee, squishy RINO!

Donald Trump is the only one getting this one right!   And he isn't being bribed!  Criminals are coming here illegally to escape the laws in their own countries!!! WAKE UP, PEOPLE!
THIS is Mexico, not ISIS, thousands of miles away....THESE are the people coming over the border, they are HERE!

Here's one of those 'sweet' little child migrants from Central America...throwing rocks at the cops in L.A.!   CRIMINALS....yes, there are good people coming too.....they are cover for the criminals! DUH!!!!!
States Welfare benefits/hourly wage ....the largest recipient of welfare...ILLEGAL ALIENS and
Immigrants!   Hello!


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