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Saturday, March 07, 2015

Pop Culture is electing our leaders and their ignorance is on display! WHO wants to be a Millionaire???

I am absolutely fascinated with the game show, WHO Wants to be a Millionaire.   It's not the host, he's okay, but no biggie.  And it's not the contestants.  What boggles my mind is the audience.
 During each game, the contestant has the opportunity to poll the audience for the answer to a multiple choice question.  Now, if it's pop culture, the audience gets it.  If, however, the question has anything to do with history, government, or anything of value above Kanye and Kim, FORGET IT!  

This week one question was  concerning national security experts/advisers……and the idiot contestant decided to ask the audience.

QUESTION:  "African-American, Stanford-affiliated, female foreign policy expert" is how TIME describes BOTH Condoleeza Rice & what other National Security Advisor?

A: Susan Rice
B: Elizabeth Warren
C: Kathleen Sebelius
D: Jan Brewer

Of course they were wrong, but what was frightening was that most of them, 42% picked  Senator Elizabeth Warren. That was the name out of the four choices they recognized, not having a CLUE what she does in government and falsely believing she's black.  THAT kind of ignorance does not bode well for the nation.   The pop culture crowd is electing our leaders.  GAWD help us!

The Audience answered
A: 35%
B: 42%
C: 8%
D: 15%

Susan Rice- was the correct answer

MORE ignorance from our College students!

WHO WON THE CIVIL WAR: You Won’t Believe the Answers from These Texas College Students

The answers from these people is TERRIFYING!   Most don't even know who the current VP is!

There used to be a time in American History when the average young citizen knew basic facts.
That day is long gone. Welcome to Obamaland. No wonder these dense minds are so easy to manipulate.
Watch the video!

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