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Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Norquist, Scott Walker and Mark SUCKERberg all in the push amnesty camp! WHO is Liz Mair???

Here it comes folks! Zuckerberg is going to protect his darling illegal alien invaders on Facebook by getting even more heavy handed with the censorship and abuse of Americans that stand against this .

That bit about suppressing content based on complaints from various governments is where the business of content restriction gets stuck, especially when it comes..
 HEADLINE!~   Honeymoon Over: Scott Walker Under Fire for New Open Borders Amnesty Advocate Staffer Who Mocks Iowa

Meet Liz Mair! Joined at the amnesty hip of GROVER know the guy we told you a couple days ago had endorsed Walker.  In fact, not long ago, she and Grover confabbed to do away with any opposition by conservatives to amnesty. 
"The publicist promoting this Open Borders Orgy, Liz Mair, is recycling the identical talking points used by her old buddy, Soren Dayton, of Prism Public Affairs.

Mair calls herself a "conservative new media specialist," and is youthful, tall, lean, and, in some incarnations, quite comely. She is also as pc as the day is long, and a former RNC flack (see her 2011 press release below), as well as a "former corporate lawyer." She works with various leftwing groups infiltrating the GOP (homosexuals, Hispanics, etc.) which she claims, like her, are "conservative."

Mair has an impeccable educational background (England and Paris), and lived in England for 10 years, but apparently, rather than that making her more patriotic, it turned her into an internationalist member of the anti-American, Bohemian Bourgeoisie (aka "Stuff White People Like") made famous by New York Times "bobo" David Brooks. Aside from her ability to write in clear, literate English, none of her education shows up in her writing. In her public utterances, she uses her knowledge in knowing what not to talk about. She is a woman without characteristics.

I have long wondered who the consultants were, who were behind the destruction of the Republican Party. Well, Liz Mair is one of them. In citing her track record of crushing defeats, she brags of having been a consultant to Carly Fiorina and John McCain...."

 Liz Mair
[Press Release:]

(TTC:THIS is straight out of SPLC talking points, just like Grover, Rubio used!)
  Conservative Leaders Explore Anti-Immigrant Network and Its Nativist Roots
[Earlier sender:] They're going to call everyone racist "nativists" tomorrow morning.

-------- Original Message --------
Subject: Conservative Leaders Explore Anti-Immigrant Network and Its Nativist Roots
From: Liz Mair <>
To: Liz Mair <>
For Immediate Release: Contact: Katy Green
June 10, 2013 650-464-1545
**** PRESS CALL ****
TOMORROW, June 11th at 11am EST
DIAL: 877-888-4319; Passcode: TANTON

Conservative Leaders Explore Anti-Immigrant Network and Its Nativist Roots
Speakers Explore the Inner Workings Behind the Father of the Anti-Immigrant Movement, John Tanton, and His Network
Washington, DC –As the momentum behind immigration reform continues to build and strengthen, an anti-immigrant opposition is working to scuttle and kill immigration efforts in Congress. Many of these groups are deeply associated with John Tanton, the father of the modern anti-immigrant movement, and his network of nativist groups, including the Center for Immigration Studies (CIS), NumbersUSA, and the Federation for American Immigration Reform (FAIR). Over the years, Tanton's network has extended its reach beyond these groups and to some of the most vocal opponents of immigration reform in Congress.
On a press call tomorrow at 11am EST, conservative leaders will dive deep into the inner-workings of John Tanton's network—including its influence on legislators, its ties to radical population control activists, and its opposition to all immigration (including legal immigration)--and discuss the potential implications of the Tanton network and its involvement in the current immigration debate.
See below for more call details.
WHAT: Conservative Leaders Explore Anti-Immigrant Network and Its Nativist Roots
WHEN: Tomorrow, June 11h at 11am EST
WHO: Mario Lopez, President, Hispanic Leadership Fund
Alfonso Aguilar, Executive Director, Latino Partnership for Conservative Principles
Additional speakers to be announced
Liz Mair, President
Mair Strategies LLC
Tel.: (571) 334-8720
Twitter: @LizMair
She and Grover are twitter pals!
In fact, there isn't much I can find that even pretends to be 'conservative' about this dual citizenship operator, Liz Mair.
Liz is on the GOProud (Gay republicans) board with Grover!
The Republican Tea Party Hero and President of "Americans For Tax Reform" Grover Norquist sits on the Board of .

Now for some of Walkers background on immigration...NOT GOOD!

Walker Soft on Immigration and Border Security
Walker:  “Make it easier to enter the country legally”
Walker said he is in favor of the Senate immigration bill—that features a path to citizenship—but called it a backward “Band-Aid” approach, saying elected leaders should make it easier for people to enter the country and become legal citizens in the first place.
“Not only do they need to fix things for people already here, or find some way to do it, there’s got to be a larger way to fix the system in the first place,” he said. “Because if it wasn’t so cumbersome, if there wasn’t such a long wait, if it wasn’t so difficult to get in, we wouldn’t have the other problems that we have (with people living here illegally),” he said. Walker’s stance on immigration reform evolved over the years.
Source: Wisconsin Rapids Tribune, “Endorses path to citizenship” , Jul 3, 2013
2010: stop suspected illegals; 2012: that’s a distraction
Walker’s stance on immigration reform evolved over the years. He said as a gubernatorial candidate in 2010 that he would sign an Arizona-style bill, which would allow local police to stop suspected illegal immigrants, if he were elected. Then, in December 2012, Walker said he no longer favored such a bill, telling reporters that such legislation would become a “huge distraction” from accomplishing his agenda for the state. Today, Walker said he would support a path to citizenship for illegal immigrants under some circumstances.
Source: Wisconsin Rapids Tribune, “Endorses path to citizenship” , Jul 3, 2013

And lastly...if you don't know this, then you better figure it out FAST. Grover Norquist is the most dangerous man in Washington DC, including Obama!  Norquist owns many more of your legislators than Obama does!  Grover calls people like me who try to tell YOU what a slick con man he is 'stalkers' you remember when he called us all 'bitter enders' for opposing amnesty. 

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