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Saturday, March 14, 2015

NEWS you Missed! NRA to investigate con man Grover Norquist (who endorses Walker!)

HEADLINE:   Grover Norquist to host conservative confab for Scott Walker Saturday

BTW....Norquist supports Scott Walker, who signed Grover's pledge, which means Grover owns him and Walker will support Amnesty and every lop sided cheap labor trade deal the Kochs & Bill Gates pay Norquist to push.

 HEADLINE!   NRA Now Investigating ‘Secret Muslim’ Grover Norquist Because Glenn Beck Might Quit    (WE SHALL SEE!)

For years, Beck has accused Norquist of being associated with the Muslim Brotherhood, citing his past ties with Islamic-American groups such as CAIR, his prior attempts to build a coalition between conservative Muslim groups and the Bush Administration, and the fact that his wife is a Palestinian Muslim. Norquist also happens to sit on the board of the NRA, as a prominent and powerful Conservative should do.
Beck, a vocal supporter of the NRA, decided to take action: earlier this week, he publicly promised to resign from the NRA if they chose to re-elect Norquist to the board. “If this man is elected, or re-elected and confirmed on the board of the NRA, I may drop my membership in the NRA.”

PS!!! MUST SEE...Victoria Jackson gets in Grover's face about his Islamic Institute!
Conservatism is in BIG trouble...We tried to post relevant articles on an NRA facebook page and were kicked out!  Looks like the faithful  prefer to be ignorant!

I am posting this WONDERFUL MUST READ Op Ed in it's entirety! THIS young man needs to run for office!

UCI student’s epic response to his school’s ‘flag ban’ exposes truth behind decision

EDITOR’S NOTE: Nick Gallo is a 2nd-year PhD student in the department of computer science at UC Irvine, where an undergraduate student government subcommittee recently voted to ban displaying the American flag on some parts of campus.
Gallo’s epic response to that resolution, a detailed insider’s explanation, absolutely nails how and why a decision like this could take place.
Last Thursday the ASUCI Legislative Council voted 6-4-2 to ban the display of the American flag in the ASUCI lobby. This triggered a huge backlash among students opposed to the measure and received national media attention. UCI administration immediately went into damage control mode, releasing a statement that these students were “misguided” and that this decision was in no way supported by campus leadership. Chancellor Gillman promptly followed up, lamenting how it is “inevitable” when you get a bunch of “young people” together that some of them will occasionally express views that are “unconventional and even outrageous.” “It was outrageous and indefensible,” he exclaimed “that they would question the appropriateness of displaying the American flag on this great campus.”
Where on earth could these “misguided” students have gotten such an “outrageous” idea? Where are they getting their guidance from? Could it be from the administration constantly suffocating the student body with statements about how we need to enhance our “diversity” and “inclusivity?” Could it be their complete failure to identify and champion American values in any meaningful way? Let’s take a closer look.
When I applied to the UC Irvine PhD program, I was required to submit a statement about how I would enhance the “diversity” of the university. Why was I not required to submit a similar statement about what I love about America, how I will uphold American values and further the cause of this great nation? Why aren’t international students required to answer these questions and write a statement about which American values they find so appealing and why they are excited to be a part of American culture?
Rather than addressing this apparent disparity, on Jan. 30 of this year Chancellor Gillman doubled down, asserting via campus-wide e-mail that “in the area of faculty recruitment, we instituted a requirement that all applicants submit with their application materials a statement indicating their past and/or potential contributions to diversity, equity and inclusion.” In the same e-mail, he emphasized UCI’s commitment to “inclusive excellence,” lauded UCI’s workshop on “Identifying Micro-aggressions,” stated that he was forming a special Task Force to make African American students feel more welcome and engaged in campus life and stated the administration’s intention to alter the racial makeup of the student body in order to qualify for a Hispanic Serving Institution designation by the federal government.
Similarly, on Feb. 13, Vice Chancellor Parham issued an unusual e-mail condemning “instances of cultural insensitivity” stating that the administration joins with “our Muslim brothers and sisters” in the aftermath of the senseless UNC Chapel Hill murders of three Muslims and encouraged affected students to utilize the UCI Counseling Center. However, on Jan. 7, when twelve cartoonists in Paris were publicly executed by ruthless Jihadists (and no, despite this juxtaposition, I am not conflating “Muslims” with “Jihadists”) for drawing a caricature of Mohammed, the administration was silent. Despite the international media attention, the administration offered no special counseling sessions or condolences to French students, no statements about “cultural insensitivity,” and didn’t take the opportunity to champion cherished American values of Freedom of Expression and Religion or state our nation’s commitment to securing these freedoms throughout the world.
The message from the administration to the student body is clear: we need to be more tolerant and more inclusive. Minority students feel constantly unwelcome and we need to do something about it.
Six students dutifully applied this logic toward international students in the ASUCI lobby, there was a huge backlash and they were promptly thrown under the bus.
I agree with Mr. Gillman’s retroactive assessment that this resolution was “outrageous.” I disagree with the destructive, hypercritical narrative of America presented in this resolution that is popular among some students and professors at U.S. universities. I believe the flag is an uncompromising tribute to our honored veterans and our fallen soldiers who sacrificed so much to secure the fragile liberty which we have been so fortunate to inherit.
However, I think the administration owes these six students (and the public) an explanation as to why their attempt at “inclusivity” was so “misguided.” Are UCI’s internal policies and statements on “inclusivity” themselves contradictory and misguided? Should UCI offer educational programs arguing against the view of America spelled out in this resolution? We have entire offices dedicated to “diversity,” why not one to promote American values and a healthy understanding of our culture, especially among international students?
What should we tell international students coming to UCI? The voice of the student body is clear: we are a tolerant, vibrant community, we invite you here and we welcome you here. We give you great freedom to express many aspects of your culture within our borders, but there are certain things about Nickour culture, like the display of our flag, that we simply refuse to compromise, no matter how offensive you may find it. The position of the administration is surprisingly contradictory and unclear. Perhaps it is time we hold them accountable.
Nick Gallo is a second-year PhD student in the department of computer science at UC Irvine. His op-ed first appeared in his campus newspaper, the New University, on March 11, and was subsequently reprinted with Gallo’s permission by The College Fix.
He may be contacted at ngallo1@uci.e       
Why I left FaceBook…
 Yeah, Mark Zuckerburg is an open border seditious little elitist, but it's my 'friends' I can no longer abide.  You know who you are.
Now, I have two kinds of friends….the kind who give a rip about their country and their fellow Americans, who come here daily to TRY to educate you and plead for help before this country is totally lost and then there are those who care more about American Idol and offer up their daily prayer to ease their conscience  for doing NOTHING!   

Well, you 'good' Christians ought to take this advice…the Lord helps those who help themselves, and instead of sitting on your ignorant asses waiting for those, like me, to stand up and defend you when they come after you, WAKE UP.  I don't claim to be a good church goer, and the biggest difference between me and MOST of you is that when the crap hits the fan, I will be there beside you defending your right to practice the religion you choose.  And you?  You will be hiding in your sanctuary when they come after me, insulting me like you often do because YOU are too chicken shit to open your mouth to save the nation who bestowed its treasures on you.  There are two kinds of people in churches…saints and sinners and I know which one I am..but most of you do not.   My family has been here since the 1600's…others of my family even met them on the shore.   Dozens of them  fought and died to build this nation from the Revolution to Viet Nam…to give YOU freedom. 

I watch and wait every day for those of you in my age group to DO SOMETHING besides practice pop culture while singing, 'we are the world' and pretend all is going to be fine with you sitting there like an ignorant putz criticizing those of us trying to salvage what is left!  Oh, yeah, you vote…SADLY, because 90% of you never bother to explore who or why you are voting for,  YOU are what is wrong with this nation…not the Muslims, not the illegal aliens, not even the politicians that you re elect cycle after cycle in your blindness.  YOU are the reason this nation is in decline because you abdicate knowledge and common sense for emotion.  If not for your country, one would think you'd stand up and fight for your children, but then many of you didn't even try to protect them either, you were too busy trying to be popular! Well, guess what…this AIN'T a popularity contest and I don't care if you like me.  I won't play your pathetic little games. GROW  up, people, this isn't high school!  You are short on this earth, do something besides waste resources and piss and moan about those of us who don't meet your politically correct/sold  out utopia.

This morning was a story about the corrupt Clintons and a 'friend' asked me,  "Where are our safe guards for this type of baloney? Who is watching out for us?!"
WE are the safeguards and NO ONE is watching out for us….WE THE PEOPLE, this is our fault and our responsibility.  We allowed our society to be so ignorant that they keep voting in the likes of the Clintons and Bush's.   WE elect these subversives because WE don't want to make waves or take the time to actually understand who and why we elect our leaders.
So, I'm gone, don't know if I'll be back.   I will spend my time only on people who want to learn, who have some patriotism left, who can spend their time sharing information rather than insults and misinformation.   We are out of time.

So it was NBC...I KNEW I heard them say she condemned the shootings...wth???? WHEN will you boycott these misinformation pukes and stop buying from the Corps that advertise with them???

I guess NBC News was wrong about that whole “condemning the shootings” story they ran about her. —Courtesy of Clash Daily|By Brian Kolfage
Those 14 states, and one is mine, should get sent every illegal alien in the country to support.

The attorneys general from 14 states and the District of Columbia has asked a federal appeals court to remove the injunction that has so far stopped President Barack...
Those attorneys general are from California, Connecticut, Delaware, Hawaii, Illinois, Iowa, Maryland, Massachusetts, New Mexico, New York, Oregon, Rhode Island, Vermont and Washington — the attorney general from the District of Columbia also signed the court filing. Most of those states have Democratic governors, although Illinois, Iowa, Maryland, Massachusetts and New Mexico have Republican governors. However, all the attorneys general from those states and Washington, D.C., are Democrats.

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