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Thursday, July 10, 2014

Getting to know you!!! MS-13 recruits on the way to YOUR city!

Getting to know you!!! MS-13 recruits on the way to YOUR city!

July 10, 2014 at 9:16am
Last evening on one of the alphabet stations they profiled a recent Central American 'youth' arrival to the USA. He and the reporter lamented that back in his country, he was prompted to be in gangs, threatened even!  HOW SAD!  It is a poor excuse to come here to escape it!

We have American cities being run by the Central American gangs, particularly MS-13.  And American kids being threatened and killed by those same gangs.  This is a must read, from 2006 and it's going to get worse, much worse!

Witness Tells Court About Gang Rape in MS-13 Trial

[snip]MS-13 members live by the motto "We kill, we rape, we control," a federal prosecutor said in her opening statement Tuesday.
Federal prosecutors say that MS-13 committed six homicides and four attempted homicides between April 2003 and June 2005 in suburban Maryland. Eight attacks were in Prince George's, two in Montgomery.[snip]

MS-13 paraphenalia has also been found on pot plantations in your national forests 800 miles from the border.
Found at raid in Siskiyou county, Calif. 2006Found at raid in Siskiyou county, Calif. 2006from raid of Cartel pot field, No. Calif 2006from raid of Cartel pot field, No. Calif 2006
Michelle Malkin has been trying to tell you about this for years.  From her article " Gangland".
A related ICE operation in Chicago targeted violent Hispanic gangs. Over the past five years, ICE agents on Chicago’s Violent Gang Task Force have arrested more than 375 known alien gang members.
As I've been reporting in previous columns and on the blog, the most notorious criminal alien gang on the scene is Mara Salvatrucha/MS-13. They're on the border, in the suburbs, and our national forests. Earlier this week, I spoke with Siskiyou County, Calif., sheriff Rick Riggins, who has uncovered massive marijuana farms in our federal forests . Riggins reports that the Mexican Mafia and MS-13 paraphernalia have been discovered on the scene.
My conclusion: The solution lies with increased federal-local cooperation, aggressive deportation, and uncompromising immigration enforcement, not with piddly anti-gang/"conflict resolution" grants doled out by the First Lady.[snip]

MS-13 actually came out and threatened the Minutemen who patrolled the border. 

Gang will target Minuteman vigil on Mexico border  March 28, 2005

[snip]NACO, Ariz. — Members of a violent Central America-based gang have been sent to Arizona to target Minuteman Project volunteers, who will begin a monthlong border vigil this weekend to find and report foreigner sneaking into the United States, project officials say.
James Gilchrist, a Vietnam veteran who helped organize the vigil to protest the federal government’s failure to control illegal immigration, said he has been told that California and Texas leaders of Mara Salvatrucha, or MS-13, have issued orders to teach “a lesson” to the Minuteman volunteers. Read more:

Here are just a few headlines which you can look up from the past.

Alleged gang members accused of murdering pregnant 17-year-old
Jail just a rest stop for gangsters
U.S. steps up battle against Salvadoran gang MS-13
An inside look at MS-13 gang initiations
Full-blown war by Hmong gangs alarms police (no not Central American, but these were ALSO given REFUGEE status!)
Gang getting more violent (registration required)
Mara Salvatruchas to take on the Minutemen vigilantes

NOW...if this is really about 'refugees' running from crime and mayhem,   why come NORTH???
S. America is a huge continent.... why not go SOUTH... where at least they can sort of speak YOUR language?  This is about spreading their violence and for those innocent ones....getting on the 'El Norte' welfare train.
ANOTHER THING.....We really miss our warrior Terry Anderson in this battle!  He would have been front and center with words of wisdom and patriotism.  His friends meet up here!


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