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Thursday, October 24, 2013

Grover Norquist is the Conservative Litmus Test!

Well, well, finally....I suppose. 

 Two days ago, Glenn Beck started his expose' of Tea Party, grass roots conservatism's enemy #1...Grover Norquist.

 TOOK long enough Glenn!  I've been sending FACTS on this traitor to you, Joe Pags, your team  for YEARS! But you're not the only one who had his head in the sand over Norquist.

Mark Levin, today YOU finally figured out that Norquist is a quisling intent on destroying anything he has to pull off to pad his pockets and kiss some Muslim immigrant, amnesty loving ass.  You are all upset over his henchman at American's for Tax Reform for smearing falsely the Tea Party Movement.   Remember CPAC?  They tried to hijack the tea party! 

YOU have no excuse.  YOU just wrote me and anyone not part of your establisment GOP off as a kook and refused to listen. You refused to listen to Frank Gafney, Michelle Malkin and countless others who TRIED TO TELL YOU!   I know you saw my posts!  Well, I  TOLD YOU SO, and I haven't been wrong yet.  Not about this.

 So take some advice from someone a bit older who has studied Norquist, et al more hours than you have in the rest of your life to spend doing the same.  
YOU should have been all over Norquist and his sham non profits like ATR YEARS ago.   The only people ATR ever profited was Microsoft, GE, etc, some of NORQUIST's CLIENTS!! HELLO!

We could have avoided the McCains, Romneys  and their pathetic campaigns.

Grover Norquist is the Litmus Test! 
  Next time you cuddle up to Marco Rubio, Sarah Palin, Liz Cheney, Newt Gingrich and yes, even Ted Cruz, demand they denounce Norquist and his associates and vow to fight them with you.  IF  they won't do that, they're part of his outreach and are the problem.  Newt is thick in this crowd!    Demand that Cruz stop with the 'legalization' he wants for aliens until he admits THAT IS AMNESTY!

We CANNOT waste one moment more on false conservative candidates!
We are OUT of time!

This is the guy we should run for president!

An MIT genius, with STONES!

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