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Friday, September 06, 2013

Pictures worth a thousand words, and news YOU missed!

James Woods has been ON FIRE lately!   Let's run him for president, he makes more sense than anyone else!   TheTownCrier has talked about Woods before.   He is smart, studied Political Science at MIT and articulate.   In a debate, I don't think anyone could beat him.  And besides that, Dolly Parton says Woods is the best kisser in Hollywood. If you're going to be screwed by politicians anyway, at least there's that!

Poll: Majority Of Americans Approve Of Sending Congress To Syria
WASHINGTON—As President Obama continues to push for a plan of limited military intervention in Syria, a new poll of........LOL
The times finally noticed! Anyone else!! STATE OF JEFFERSON, here we come!

  1. If you are not aware of the THOUSANDS of innocents women, children, US CITIZENS who are DEAD at the hands of illegal aliens, you best educate yourselves, FAST!
     Call Congress (202-224-3121) and tell them NO AMNESTY!!!!

    Another innocent women murdered.  PREVENTABLE, if our law were enforced!   It seems every week there is a stabbing or driveby shooting and all are illegal alien/GANG related, yes, even 800 miles from the border!


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