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Sunday, March 10, 2013

Rand Paul - his own words on Immigration Reform

For all who are wondering what Rand Paul's immigration stand it is. Not what I want...I want the laws enforced, including deportation...Paul is softer, but he's as good as anyone else out there in office at this time.
 As he states, we already have defacto amnesty, because few of them, including criminals are being deported. We're going to have amnesty shoved down our throats.  I think I'd rather have Paul in charge of it than anyone else. He is very naive about illegal aliens paying taxes, since half of them are on social services, so he still has some things to learn.
Sen. Rand Paul: Trust but verify on immigration reform
"I am in favor of immigration reform. I am also wary of reforms granted now for a promise of border security later."


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