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Friday, March 08, 2013

MAJOR AWARD!! Notes, Quotes and CRAZY pictures!

Wake up, America! History is in the making, be a part of it!
A lot can be said about Ron Paul, it could fill several books. One thing for sure, he sure raised a good kid!

And I might make the observation...he's leaving better offspring than McCain or Graham have produced!


Thank you Senator Rand PaulYou have earned the coveted "MAJOR AWARD"!

So, I hear that CIA Director John Brennan took the oath of office—behind closed doors, far away from the press protect and defend..what?
 I would love to see Ted Cruz or Rand Paul ask Eric Holder if he'd fire a drone at an armed drug/human smuggler trying to cross our border. I can PROMISE you all he could have answered that immediately....with a huge NO, and then blab on and on about THEIR CONSTITUTIONAL 'rights'!


I heard a liberal lying about the Tea Party and what it stands, ONE MORE TIME!

So simple even a CAVEMAN could understand it!

And John McCain, you dangerous old fool!   At this point, I just want the smell of you GONE!



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