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Sunday, March 24, 2013

"Lawful Permanent residents" - The prescription with BAD side effects!

Just ask them!  Ask any amnesty pusher from Obama to Marco Rubio and they'll tell you that as soon as 11 to 20 million illegal aliens are made 'legal',  everything on the streets and 'in the shadows' will be peaceful and glorious.   And when it isn't,  they sure won't tell you otherwise.

Keep in mind, the 9/11 hijackers were 'legal'...until they weren't as they overstayed their visas, no one cared as they plotted their crimes against humanity.   This is the kind of vetting the government is so proud of.  The kind that gets you killed!

Here's one that got under the radar.  I can't find anyone who even remembers this story and when it was reported, the Jihadi's were said to be 'home grown'.  Well, they sure weren't 'home born'!  This government will not screen millions of illegal aliens to 'legalize them' for amnesty. This story is about "lawful Permanent residents" - the prescription with BAD side effects!

FBI: 4 Calif. men charged in alleged terror plot

Kabir, a naturalized U.S. citizen from Afghanistan, served in the Air Force from 2000 to 2001. He spent some time at Davis Monthan Air Force Base in Tucson, Ariz., pulling aircraft or vehicle parts from a supply store. He was administratively separated for unknown reasons ....

According to the court documents, Deleon said meeting Kabir was like encountering someone from the camps run by al-Awlaki or Osama bin Laden, who was killed in a U.S. raid last year on his compound in Pakistan.

Kabir was "basically a mujahid walking the streets of LA," Deleon said, using the term for holy warrior, according to court documents. "He was just waiting to get his papers. And I met him at the point of his life where he was about to go."

Along with Kabir, Ralph Deleon, Miguel Alejandro Santana Vidriales and Arifeen David Gojali are facing charges of providing material support to terrorists. The charges can carry a maximum 15-year prison sentence upon conviction

Santana, 21, was born in Mexico, while Deleon, 23, was born in the Philippines. Both are lawful, permanent U.S. residents.

Using the informant's debit card, Deleon bought four tickets for a flight from Mexico City (*what happens in Mexico, stays in Mexico...until it crosses our border!) to Istanbul scheduled to leave this past Sunday. Had the men made it to Afghanistan, they would have initially joined the Taliban and then graduate to al-Qaida, Bowdich said.[snip]
What happened to the illegal aliens who got amnesty in 1986?
 THIS is an eye opener, please read it all!

The amnestied population brought little human capital. By 1992, just 36 percent of amnestied adults reported being able to speak English well. The figure for the Mexican majority was only 27 percent.
Only 28 percent of the legalized aliens over 24 were high school graduates, compared to 78 percent of native U.S. Hispanics; 55 percent of the amnesty adults had never eyen entered high school. 
 A Latina activist reports: 
Did the 1986 Amnesty actually bring benefit to the United States or did it bring undue burden?
· I have interviewed personally ICE officers, in Ohio, Alabama and Oklahoma who are responsible for processing immigrants for deportation after they have served their jail sentence. All 3 offices have told me independently, 99.9% of the people they process to deport coming out of jail, are 1986 Amnesty recipients.
· Prison Guards in high security prisons in California, who I have personally spoken with have told me, 90% of the harden criminals in jail with life sentences in those California jails are the children of 1986 Amnesty recipients. Their parents had no commitment to the United States, and they don’t either. Their parents had no respect for the law, and they don’t either.
Last week we read that Oregon was one of four official 'Sanctuary States' this:

The Fiscal Burden of Illegal Aliens on Oregonians (2012)

Major cuts had to be made in the state's 2012-13 budget to pare back spending for schools and social safety net programs to overcome a revenue shortfall of $3.5 billion. This report identifies more than $1 billion in annual fiscal costs borne by the state's taxpayers because of illegal immigration. State lawmakers have available the means to reduce that burden.
This study examines what the estimated 170,000 illegal aliens and an additional 64,000 U.S.-born children of illegal aliens cost Oregonians.
  • K–12 Education Costs
    About $575 Million
  • Supplemental English Instruction
    About $159 Million
  • Justice and Law Enforcement
    (includes policing, court and prison costs)
    About $140 Million
  • Health Care and Social Assistance
    About $125 Million
The average Oregon household headed by a U.S. citizen pays about $728 annually to cover the costs of the state's illegal alien population. The estimated tax revenue from illegal aliens is about $77 million — 7.3 percent of the estimated burden. Illegal aliens pay relatively little in taxes...


A message from our TEA PARTY ( friends!
(AND NO, this is not or TPNN, the phony CPAC organizations, who you never see come out or send a fundraiser against illegal aliens or amnesty!)

BREAKING NEWS!    Senate Dems Vote To Provide Obamacare To Illegals…
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Rand Paul....he was sounding SO good until he went GOP delirious and decided Amnesty wasn't amnesty!  BYE, BYE!


Anonymous LLM88989 said...

You're disgusting. You have no idea what you are talking about. Free housing? Food Stamps? I live in a city with many Mexicans. I don't know ONE on food stamps or section 8. I could name several white people though. This is coming from a white American born female. If you don't know what you're talking about don't say anything. Also illegal immigrants pay about 2 billion dollars a year into social security and the IRS. They will never in their life see that social security money they're paying in to, and they don't claim a tax return because they can't. You're lucky you were born where you were and not born in to poverty. If you were maybe you would think a little different.The making and selling of this shirt is gross.

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