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Thursday, July 14, 2011

Pictures worth a thousand words, News YOU missed!


Even local governments are getting in on Mexican Gun Smuggling!

Jul 13 2011

The former mayor of a small New Mexico border town has pleaded guilty to charges he participated in a gun smuggling ring that federal prosecutors said sent hundreds of guns into Mexico, authorities said Wednesday.

Eddie Espinoza faces 65 years in prison. The 51-year-old was arrested in March along with two other Columbus town officials - police chief Angelo Vega and former trustee Blas Gutierrez. The three were among a dozen people charged in the federal sting.
Columbus sits just north of Palomas, Mexico, a town that has seen increasing violence as drug cartels wage war against one another, the Mexican Army and police.[snip]



Medford, Oregon....quiet, Pacific NW little city, where I grew up and raised my children...Now known as Illegal Alien Mexican gangland!

Police bust up gang fight

MEDFORD, Ore. – Medford Police arrested 10 people after breaking up a gang-related fight with strong ties to a stabbing in Phoenix last month. Police arrested four adults and six juveniles that ranged for 15 to 17 years old. The investigation revealed that the fight was between individuals associated with the Sureño and Norteño gangs, a press release from the Medford Police said.

Lt. Bob Hansen said the gang problem is on the rise in Southern Oregon ....“It’s getting worse in Medford. I’ve been here since the 1980 and I think gangs have finally moved up from, maybe from the South. More than it used to be.”

The ages of gang members are only getting younger, according to Joe Ferguson, the Deputy Director for the Juvenile Detention Hall in Medford.[snip]

More...the same, any day in Mexico Norte!

A man who was arrested last year on I-5 near Ashland for carrying three pounds of methamphetamine will be going to a federal prison for the next 14 years. U.S. District Judge Owen Panner sentenced Santiago Contreras-Esquivel of Modesto, California to prison for drug trafficking and re-entering the country illegally. Police stopped the vehicle Contreras-Esquivel was a passenger in for a traffic violation on July 29, 2010. The drugs were found during a search of the vehicle.

Some of the latest news from NAFBPO.

Gotta love those voting Anchor Babies...You know the ones that the open border crowd are always telling us have 'assimilated'!!!


Federal police are reporting that they have captured Armando Villarreal Heredia, who also used the name Jesus Heredia González, alias El Gordo. He was an important operator for the Arrellano Felix cartel, and responsible for coordinating the movement of drugs from Sinaloa to the U. S. He was born in San Diego and began working with the cartel at 16 years old, specializing in moving drugs to San Diego and Los Angeles. The DEA said in 2009 that he one of the main operators for CAF.


The remains of two tortured men were dumped under a bridge. There were signs of having been burnt while still alive.

Mexican drug wars kill 40 more


‘Mexican Border Violence’ is becoming Transnational


Robber Tries to Hold Up Brazil Vice President with Toy Gun


Guatemala Arrests 5 Suspected Members of Mexico’s Zetas Cartel


ATF Tampa Division Walked Guns to Honduras and to MS13 Gang Members

Despite Violence, U.S. Firms Expand in Mexico

Janet Napolitano’s former chief-of-staff one of many at center of Fast and Furious scandal


Family of Murdered Border Patrol Agent Considering Suing Feds Over ‘Fast and Furious’


Iran, Hezbollah in Latin America examined by House committee

As U.S. Gets More Like Mexico, More Mexicans Stay in Mexico

Illegal Alien arrested for Sexually Assaulting 14 year old Girl in Logan Heights (San Diego)

Divisive HR1505 -

Claude Guyant of the National Association of Former Border Patrol Officers testified in congress that agents need to be able to focus on safety, not environmental regulations.

Supporters of the bill (HR1505), however, said the current setup — a memorandum of understanding between DHS and federal land-management agencies — makes it impossible for Border Patrol to do its job.

“There’s a problem here in that Border Patrol is being restricted,” said Rep. Rob Bishop, R-Utah, the bill’s sponsor. “They are not the problem.”

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Anonymous Tim Marvin said...

" At the National Council of La Raza’s annual convention, President
Obama vowed to “keep up the fight” for amnesty and against
enforcement. Not one Republican presidential candidate rebuked him on
the issue. As columnist Ann Coulter has said, “There are a lot of bad
Republicans. There are no good Democrats.” Immigration proves that
point. Tea Party, our nation turns its lonely eye to you.


The Tea Party is all but useless. I was getting several daily e mails from Judson Phillips. I asked him to remove me from his ping list. They are all full od crap!

They are peddling that traitor Perry!!

Obama just committed TREASON by allowing illegals amnesty by fiat, and not one Republican is calling for impeachment.

It looks like I am moving to my house in Port Stephens, Austrailia next spring as planned. America is committing suicide, and nobody even seems to care.

Jesus wept? I dare say he has!!

Tim Marvin

1:42 PM  

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